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    The Rockstar Network v2 - PR2 To PR5 Aged HIGH PR/TF/PA/DA/RD 1-YEAR SALE

    Just ordered 2nd pack please confirm Transaction ID: 3X93XXXXXXXX1013H
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    Just ordered, transaction ID: 0S025269AV5631839 I'll leave a review soon...
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    [METHOD] Make $65 within 20 minutes. Bank more as you proceed. Must have .EDU email ID.

    So can you post another payment proof plaese? And ill join under your referal code. If this works and by works i mean PAYS the money you'll earn i'll tell you how to get unlimited 1$ from referals ;)
  4. M DEAD?!

    Greetings to all and my apology for admins amd whole BHW comunity if I'm posting in the wrong section..... But as you most of you guys know was the best free "google black listed domain cheker" now it's gone.. please can you advice any alternatives that works not links to...
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    Hostgator totally CRAP - CONFIRMED

    Well just to say, It's a FUC***G Great to be an BHW member, anyway just wanted to take the business to another lvl and buy hosting to stop playing around with blogger html... :D I just want to say thanks for all who replayed on this thread and from the hundreds of hosting company's i assume...
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    LEGEND OF THE NETWORKS – PR 2/3/4 HI PR posts – AMAZINGLY Only $1.5 per post

    Hello, I just ordered your service. Please confirm. PP Transaction ID: 7WT373615A0115151 Regards
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    SEO ARMANI - Web2.0, Bookmark, Social Signal and Wiki at Reseller Price!

    New order: BM-00125 Please confirm Btw i didn't received report from last order order id: BM-00115 Is it finished please, you told me here on forum post that is in process.. :) Thank You A+++ Service!
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    -50 penalty for Youtube videos? Seems like it's happening.

    As far as I'm concerned kw density for video is a MIT still.. my guess is the over linkbulding with spammy backlincks, deindexes and drops because of DIRECT BLASTS...
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    SEO ARMANI - Web2.0, Bookmark, Social Signal and Wiki at Reseller Price!

    Just to say, this GUY IS AWESOME! He refunded my order for the social bookmarks few days ago because "lost in system" didn't saw my order in time and was late. I didn't expected refund i only expected from him to finish my order. The awesomeness here is that he REFUNDED my order and still...
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    Experianced, Quality Article - WRITER Wanted! Who work's Accept's Pa-yza

    Hello thanks for visiting my post. The title says it all. I need a experienced quality article writer who work's/ accepts Payza ex Alertpay payment option. I need you for a LONG - TERM basis. Add my on sk-ype for more details to talk :) My sk-ype: martin_zeus1
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    ** Important* *Slideshare* Marketers!

    Because i didn;t find a thread where to post this i thought this will suit well.. And thank you for telling me that about the "thanks"..
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    ** Important* *Slideshare* Marketers!

    You are welcome mate :))
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    ** Important* *Slideshare* Marketers!

    First I want to apologize if posting in wrong section but i really need to share this, i felt like i needed to.. PS: Admins please don't ban me. Thank you. Just wanted to share something useful. This is specifically for slideshare marketers and educational for others hehe :) Problem with...
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    Hi everybody

    Welcome mate!!! I'm Macedonian too ;) Btw im looking for team-mates if you are experienced in any IM- Affiliate marketing ground PM me maybe we can figure/combine something ;)
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    Hello from Cincinnati USA

    Welcome mate, wish you lots of success and i hope you find what you are looking for :)) Cheers
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    32000+ views everyday, but no sales

    Why don't you try with some good $5-$7 money making or affiliate for beeginers product and test that? I think you can make a killing with a cheaper product. Just saying...
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    Translating articles method

    Yes mate they will work 100% If you use them that way - Add some paragraphs on your own for more value. I also use this method and works like a charm :)
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    I killed another curse - 200$ earnings today! Youtube + PPD.

    Man you make me laugh congratz ^^ Btw good job, BELIEF IS 1 of the most important factors for success :)) Wish you to all; health, wealth and happiness
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    Greetings From Macedonia ^^

    Hello LAZY experienced affiliate marketer here. My name is Martin A.K.A Zeus. I'm from macedonia. Don't have too much to say. Btw i need little help. Can anyone help me please? I want to trade $25 Payza for Paypal Anyone interested? Thank You With all respect to BH and its members!