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    Sharing my experience with Tiktok (made X,XXX$ pretty fast)

    Wow 245k in one month? Please tell me how?? I’m a pop musician..
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    Need to get Youtube views

    It has to be organic, with engagement. Possibly with ads. Thx
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    Need to grow my IG organically. From 3k to 20k.

    It has to be organic with real engaging based on my niche and audience. Best scenario would be to get to 10k by end of the year. @rickywine onTelegram Thx!
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    Instagram flagged my home IP?

    Ok thank you so much guys. OPTION A: I have disconnected the router for a couple of hrs and, yes, I have a new IP now. I was thinking about buying a cheap laptop so that the device will look different. (I can't use Jarvee from my Mac anyway...). (you guys know the minimum PC requirements to run...
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    Instagram flagged my home IP?

    Hi, I am an artist and trying to grow my account with IG. I have used Followadder (no proxy) in the past but IG has blocked my account for over a month (I mean I had just 1200 followers.. really..?). Anyway now is back to normal but: I believe the trust rate of my account aint looking good so I...
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    Are 4G Proxies the only option for Instagram?

    If Jarvee runs the automation on a vps and a 4g proxy (eg. In Ucraine), and the client lives in the UK and uses his mobile IG app to use Instagram, is that gonna be a problem? Vps in one country, client living in another country.