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    Internet Marketing Fail - Get A Day Job !

    I don't do any active affiliate marketing nowadays as I make a good living from consulting and a day job. However, I still have blog posts with affiliate links in them and it's a pleasant surprise when I get a PayPal email when a merchant pays me. $100-$200 a month most months on auto-pilot...
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    [GET] Professional Advanced SEO Bootcamp [Classes = SOLD OUT! Get it here FREE]

    The link for the single file download is incorrect as it leads to the Basic course. But thanks for the effort.
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    [GET] Complete Guide To Google Adword (Mastering PPC)

    The last one is available without an email address at Bear in mind that it is a 2008 book and the AdWords interface and features today are a lot different.
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    What do you think of "Passive Paydays - The Ultimate Online Money Making Opportunity"?

    Probably the same as all the other schemes - share the files after you sign up and you'll get more opinions.
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    Hit with image violation by a stock photo place from an rss feed

    Some US government info Many other countries have no requirement to "register" or publish in order to assert copyright. A legal demand requires a basis in law; an ambit claim is just a frivolous demand. I believe that Getty's demands are...
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    Business Degrees at University

    The lecturers are good at their own subjects, not in all the subjects that a student has to undertake. Someone who is great at Finance could have gone down the path of being a CFO in real life; someone good at Marketing could be a CMO; etc but not everyone succeeds in business in the long haul...
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    Google Places Question

    In a word, no. I used to work as an in-house SEO for a large provider of data to Google and was monitoring 140 niches for such things. There was no pattern to whether or not the place pages would show at all, or whether they would be at the top of the pile or lower down. I believe that Google...
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    Great article about so-called gurus

    Long article about people who lost a lot of money to some well-known names:
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    What Anchor Text Mix To Use After Penguin

    I know this is painful, but the following has worked for a busines site post Penguin without a blip: 25% keyphrase anchor text links 75% Other kinds of links particularly brand name ones. The site had 600 links acquired within one day and I was worried about Penguin after it launched...
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    Need a two-row nav bar - what is it called?

    Thanks. Now I have the right vocabulary to do some searching!
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    Need a two-row nav bar - what is it called?

    I am looking for a WordPress theme with a two-row nav bar such as this site. How do I search for such a theme?
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    The Real #1 Reason Why 95% Of You Will Always Fail - No Matter How Hard You Try

    I'm now in my 50s and have mostly worked for employers and made fairly moderate money and have no debts. I realised that I will be "poor" in my retirement because inflation in the next 25 years will reduce my savings to nothing. So I finally started working for myself thanks to a former...
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    who the hell was saying fiverr is not paying got first payment of 235$ in 5 minutes.

    What service were you offering and were there any complaints?
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    How long Sandbox takes?

    There is no sandbox, in the sense that every new site is put in a sandbox. If you have sent too many signals relative to what is normal in your niche, then you will be filtered out for a while. IOW, don't get 10,000 links in a day with the same anchor text or anything else that seems artificial...
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    When You're In Control of How Someone Links To You

    Remember that each page has a fixed amount of link juice it can give your pages. If it has only one link on it, you get 100%, if it links to five of your pages, each of them gets 20% link juice. You could ask for 100 links if you are happy for them to be worth only 1%. People who get directory...
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    Does a Subdomain rank suck?

    Google treats a subdomain as if it were a different website to the domain's website. This means the subdomain needs to perform SEO from scratch. It does not inherit from the parent domain. Remember "www." is just a subdomain that is often (but not always) the same as accessing just the domain...
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    using Hotmail with [email protected]?

    Yes, if your hosting has a control panel e.g. cPanel, there are point-and-clicks icons to let you set up a Forwarder. All email to your domain email address can be redirected to Hotmail or anywhere else.
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    Is it me? Or has google started to de-index random sites that it doesn't like?

    This is the Caffeine update in progress and will continue for a while.
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    Addon domains

    Not the way you describe it. A shared hosting account had hundreds of domains on one IP address.
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    how to convert carriage return to comma separated for keyword list?

    Yes, Textpad is another tool like Notepad++ that speeds this up.