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  1. T down?? Help needed

    Add this line for sick: Add this line for AMR: With both of these, scrape should work as well (as with most other decaptcher integrated programs).
  2. T down?? Help needed

    BTW if someone has the old ip addresses that sick submitter or other software is using, you can map those in the hosts file (just map the old IP to the new one). I don't have those so I'll have to load up wireshark when I get home and packet sniff sick to see what it's trying to connect...
  3. T down?? Help needed

    Here is the instructions for those less savvy. Make sure you are admin when running notepad or some other editor: Open ~<windows folder>\System32\drivers\etc Add the following two lines at the bottom: www dot...
  4. T down?? Help needed

    Learn2use your hosts file and enjoy tons of lag free captcha solving since most won't know how to do this.
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    Automated Links and the "Dark Side" of the Issue?

    Funny one...Al Jazeera is an international news network. They are also always the first ones to get/broadcast Bin Laden's tapes...makes wonder how well connected they are with terrorists :cool:? Trust me, I know my bad guys...and I mentioned Al Jazeera for a reason. You think it's no issue...
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    Automated Links and the "Dark Side" of the Issue?

    Well, I've made a handful of packets for SICK recently using scrapebox. Including using the blog commenting feature of scrapebox. The other night, while running my data cleaning scripts (replaces profile.php with register.php etc), I noticed a few questionable sites. I know these have to...
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    Wp Robot success? Post your tale

    Do you guys bother to add a spinner in the mix like wpunique etc? I guess with twitter only traffic you don't care about unique content and the added readibility helps with conversion ratio. However, if you want the search engine ranking as well...
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    [TUTORIAL] How to get your backlinks indexed fast.

    I've had the same experience. Created the RSS feed, Social Bookmarks, then tons of pings to the feed, yet no feedback via google site:* and yahoo explorer. It's only been 2 days, but I was wondering what the general turn around time was for those who use this method consistently. How quickly...
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    Automated backlink creation

    Time = money so it's definitely not free. I do agree on your customization point, but again, I go back to the re-inventing the wheel argument. The customization also speaks to buy vs. build analysis in software evaluation. Currently, the manual process is VERY cheap from china/india so it's...
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    Automated backlink creation

    Wow these are much more interesting replies than I was expecting. 1) To the "build it yourself" person: I subscribe to the theory of opportunity cost, and, while my abilities are at a level to develop this personally, I was hoping that others in the community already had cheaper alternatives...
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    Automated backlink creation

    I'm looking for automated software solutions for profile, web 2.0, and/or social backlink creation. The demo of SENuke I tried back in Jan had a Web2.0 creator but that was only for a specific set of sites (about 250) and they were all no-follow. If they've updated this I'd be interested but...
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    How to check how many backlinks a site has?

    Market Samurai has this functionality. Breakdown of PR, backlink list and the keyword for the backlink.
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    My First Autoblog Journey

    Can you point me to Shezboy's guide? I am also curious on the backlinks question (how much is too much for a brand new domain)? I also don't understand one aspect of your project. How does Web 2.0 article submission generate backlinks? I'm still pretty green myself on SEO but my history has...
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    [Iglow Tips] Lesson #1 - Index Site Fast, Get PR Boost, Get Visitors

    This is a good does notice this. However, I'm still going for the PR boost...just an FYI...these localized links are devalued by G (if you are looking for boosts to keyword(s)) based on the same source location.
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    Keyword Mechanic Help

    Hate to bump my own thread but does anyone have a clue on this?
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    There is always a way to increase your earnings - its just trial and error!

    Honestly, why do people post urls with adsense in them on THIS forum? It's so easy to get someone's adsense account banned. This is a friendly suggestion and that's to remove the URL and ANY keywords. There are people who will xrumer your site just to get it sandboxed and take your idea...
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    Keyword Mechanic Help

    Please, bare with me as I'm still new here. I've selected a set of keywords that I'd like to start working towards using Market Samurai and research through the big G. I would like some information on keyword mechanics. Lets say my keyword(s) are as follows: 1) Cogswell Industrial Cogs -...
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    IP Address Issues

    For those interested in the solution to this question, I did manage to finally solve this. 1) Setup WAMP to add PHP to a local server. 2) Download some free-ish software that allows you to verify large lists of proxies. 3) Create a proxy download script in iMacros that hits a dozen or so...
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    IP Address Issues

    I'm working on my first black hat SEO initiative. One of the requirements of the venture is to change an ip address at will then access a website and submit a form. What's the best way to go about doing this. I'm working with iMacros for auto form submission and I can obtain a list of web...