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  1. codine

    [JV]Your traffic and my face masks

    I’m interested
  2. codine

    how to get approved in PPI networks without a website?

    And what kind of site are they looking for? thanks.
  3. codine

    Need ideas on how to earn from my adult flash games

    I have a blog with a bunch of popular adult flash games, but I don't know how I can earn from it?
  4. codine

    adult/dating is OFFICIALLY dead!

    Used to make alot with loaded cash, they suck now. tried crakrevenue they are OK but you need to send thousands of hits/day and the reward isn't worth it. anyone else struggling? think it's time to forget adult IMO
  5. codine

    Looking to JV for myfreecams I will pay you 50/50 adult traffic

    I posted this BEFORE the bump
  6. codine

    Looking to JV for myfreecams I will pay you 50/50 adult traffic

    I am working with mfc PPL if you can drive the traffic I will pay you half of the $2.50 their only doing this for this month.
  7. codine

    I have a few girls willing to be camgirls what should I do?

    Do I get them to sign up under my cam affiliate such as and then take a portion of their earnings? Not sure what best thing to do is..
  8. codine

    what content to lock other than..

    what is the best content to lock other then game cheats ... that's all i can think of.. the networks won't allow adult content so...
  9. codine

    html script for cloaking does NOT change url

    Can someone help me, I used to have a free script that I found on google that was html and I liked it because it would redirect without the url changing, it was great but I cannot find it anymore, does anybody know what I am talking about that could tell me where to find another one because I...
  10. codine

    The App Code 2.0 anyone tried this?

    if anyone has a copy could they share it with me?
  11. codine

    The App Code 2.0 anyone tried this?

    Is it worth $1000?
  12. codine

    SEO Blueprint 2012 - Complete Guide for Ranking a Website In Google

    all that was WAY over my head and i am NOT a n00b
  13. codine

    are .us extentions good for seo?

    anybody have any good or bad results with this extention? and also i read that you must be a us cotizen to register, id that true? so what you have to show your passport or somthing? lol
  14. codine

    How old are you guys?

    13 saan
  15. codine

    I have 73 CPA accounts over 2 years old and don't know what to do HELP!

    I have searched on here for methods, I don't know how to earn with these accounts, mainly I don't know how to get the offers targeted to the country they are for. And no I don't want to sell them.
  16. codine

    adscendmedia TOS .. what to do now??

    Warning: We do not allow our gateway to be used for any of the following: Copyrighted video such as TV shows or movies Any content that infringes on the copyrights of others Adult content (nudity, etc) Fake or misleading content Any pages that imply the availability of...
  17. codine

    HELP!!! how do you download videos faster????

    I need to download ALOT of movies, and it's taking forever, there must be a faster way.
  18. codine

    cpa TOS can you get banned for this???

    I know with CPA it goes against TOS anything to do with adult, does that include if I wrote a TUT on how to make millions doing porn?