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  1. thinkmind

    [SERP Engine] ⚡Smash Your Rivals With Killer Combo | Guest And Blogpost⛳High DA [1000+ Orders]⚡

    Got good improvements on last order, so placed new order for 20 guestpost now. provide best links, tranx.ID here 6S07...….4872A
  2. thinkmind

    Do aged domains have less chance of getting a penalty?

    Age does not matter. Niche relevant content will not be getting the penalty.
  3. thinkmind

    Valuable expired domains with 301 redirect

    It depends upon the quality of BL, TF, and Spam free.
  4. thinkmind

    SEO check list for new site?

    Follow BHW or youtube channels
  5. thinkmind

    [Premium Niche PBN] Brilliance of Red Giant | Charged By Social Signals | High►TF►CF►DA ►PA Sites |

    I got 2 links as a review copy from Redgiant Links quality: The metrics were TF 25 22 DA 26 30 for two links and the site design looks pretty good Especially the article quality is much satisfied with the handwritten content with the niche relevant blogs. The blogs have an awesome design...
  6. thinkmind

    Add LSI keyword article in main or as supporting

    Go with a new one. I would be better for getting rank.
  7. thinkmind

    Recent Google Update: What's Your Opinion On This?

    I am also facing the same issue. my sites Alexa ranks became ups and downs