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  1. amoon

    $100 + HustleGPT - Journey Begins!

    woow, really impresssed with the output GPT4 gives i think tuning the prompt will get you even better results , niche journey btw, looking for the updates, .
  2. amoon

    Aren't you feeling the FOMO with all this AI craze now?

    same thing said about CRYPTO, i heard a lot of stories about it in the beginning of crypto wave same thing happens with A.I, and its normal since both of them will be the future and will involve on every aspect of our life its just peeple like drama and sad stories, maybe making money online...
  3. amoon

    Where I can Find that Theme ?

    did you check builwith website to get the stack used in that website, if they are using wordpress high chances you can find a similar one maybe close to it
  4. amoon

    As GPT-4 Released, here some of the potential capabilities

    ive read today that GPT-5 will be soon released, they are working on it , :D
  5. amoon

    Do you have a PART/FULL-TIME Job with your Internet Marketing Hustle?

    exactely, i know some close friends who hate to work on a desk, sitting for like 4 to 6 hours in fro,t of a screen and tipping on keyboards ...
  6. amoon

    As GPT-4 Released, here some of the potential capabilities

    the version 4 is just the beginning, but yeah now that version accept images as inputs, wounder if voice and videos is getting accepted as inputs too, would completely change the tech industry
  7. amoon

    As GPT-4 Released, here some of the potential capabilities

    -Visual IQ test: yes, the ones that humans take! -OCR-free reading comprehension: input a screenshot, scanned document, street sign, or any pixels that contain text. Reason about the contents directly without explicit OCR. This is extremely useful to unlock AI-powered apps on multimedia web...
  8. amoon

    From $30 to $12'000 [per order] in 3 years

    congratulation, Lucky keep the good work
  9. amoon

    A safe way to use ChatGPT, for Now!

    A picture is worth a thousand words... .
  10. amoon

    How old are you? And what do you wish you did different?

    ok, will ge differntely here and act like a guru count your goals and money not years (who it sounds :D ) .
  11. amoon

    f*ckin hell and chat gpt

    hoho how many chrome extension you have there, from what i see +22...not counting the hidden ones, :D .
  12. amoon

    Acer Breached, VPN Hacked & Financial Institution Hacked !!!! - The World is Going to Shits

    yea, it always begins like that, and even worse, last month a breach is occured and milions of coustomers data got leaked , -dont remember which app was- the reason is some of the IT received an Email and clicked on the attachement to download a file ...LoL
  13. amoon

    Acer Breached, VPN Hacked & Financial Institution Hacked !!!! - The World is Going to Shits

    Its has nothing to do with AI, i think in the world now, we missing good talent on cyber-security field, why i say this, because just today i ve read the same story about Lastpass, they have another breach and the article said that the cause of that breach is a devlopper who cant/ or forgot to...
  14. amoon

    AI Tool database - Find any tool you need

    every now and then some of those projects see the light , serve like a directory of AI toos grouped by category, this site looks good and minimalistic cheers OP .
  15. amoon

    Pick Up Lines

    How about to try with ChatGPT... you ll get some good ones; :D ...
  16. amoon

    ✅ If you have $500 and your basic needs are taken care of, what online business you would/could build?

    i mean with POD project did you launch it yet? or you still thinking about it... .
  17. amoon

    How my I.M journey changed with me just in 5 hours after 7 years of hard work!!

    Good luck, now its time to stay focused and grow big
  18. amoon

    How are some items like grocery so cheap online?

    i think those online sellers who sell groceries and other stuff, are distroying offline business without noticing -or on purpose- some online sellers sell their stuffs lower that average price, in some cases for a loss thinking that they will soon or later make profit and recover... but the...
  19. amoon

    Share one pic that makes you travel to good old times

    maybe too old, that you forget you had seen this in the past ...;)