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  1. EmpireQuality

    Logo|Banner|Social Media Covers|web Design & More...Affordable Prices|PRO Designs

    I ordered a photo edit, OP did the work perfectly and quickly! I recommend
  2. EmpireQuality

    Need followers, simple job ongoing

    I'm looking for followers. It's fine if you don't have medium accounts, since it's very easy to create them with a gmail account. Hit me up and let's get started working together :)
  3. EmpireQuality

    Need medium,com Claps

    I'm looking for medium,com claps They should be easy to do, all you need is a bunch of gmail, twitter, or facebook accounts to create the medium accounts. And a VPN of course. Let me know, thanks
  4. EmpireQuality

    Need likes and comments.

    Hey there. We need a trusted marketer who can provide hearts and comments on our articles. Please, only hit me up if you already have multiple accounts. Thanks a lot.
  5. EmpireQuality

    Need a trusted Reddit marketer, comments, consistent work

    Hey there, We are looking to hire an experienced Reddit marketer who can post comments on our submissions. The work will be consistent, about 2 submissions per week. You must have multiple accounts that are high quality. Please, only hit me up if you have experience with reddit and their...
  6. EmpireQuality

    [METHOD] Make easy $50+/day using Instagram.

    How old should my account be before i start doing the mass following? 1 month, or more? thanks
  7. EmpireQuality

    RedditDominator - Reddit Marketing Software | Reddit Automation Software

    Just want to make sure but, does this bot create reddit accounts? If not, then where could I buy some accounts? thanks
  8. EmpireQuality

    Follows and Likes??

    Hey guys. I am wondering how many follows and likes per day is safe now? I'm going to use my main account so I definitely want to be under the radar. Thanks a lot
  9. EmpireQuality

    Youtube Comment Rating

    you are about 6 years too late bro
  10. EmpireQuality

    Pinterest Ghosting Lately??

    word up, i will keep pinning and see what happens next. and yea, i noticed that pinterest can be random sometimes with their algorithm, it could take weeks or months to get back to normal when i got ghosted a year ago, i just emailed pinterest support and they said my account "was in hidden...
  11. EmpireQuality

    Pinterest Ghosting Lately??

    same here, i'm only ghosted in 1 of my boards, but its the board that has all my followers. and its the board where i would pin the most, so i guess people started to report me. pretty strange
  12. EmpireQuality

    Pinterest Ghosting Lately??

    go to your account URL without being logged in. click one of your boards that you want to check. if no pins show up, then you are probably ghosted. and you are probably ghosted if you are getting zero re-pins
  13. EmpireQuality

    Pinterest Ghosting Lately??

    hey guys. i got ghosted again, i guess because users were reporting my pins. it seems like only my big board is ghosted, because no pins show up when I go to the URL while being logged out, it's pretty strange. i'm wondering, is there any way to un-ghost myself? thanks a lot
  14. EmpireQuality

    Pinterest activity

    pinterest might have put your account in "hidden" mode. go to your account URL without being logged in, then click one of your own boards. if no pins show up, then you are "hidden". are you getting any re-pins at all?
  15. EmpireQuality

    Monetizing 30,000 unique visitors/month

    your adsense CPM seems to be good if your only getting 30,000 uniques per month. but how many pageviews do you get per month?
  16. EmpireQuality

    Get / scrape all links from board?

    pingrabber is the best, but its not free
  17. EmpireQuality

    Should I accept all relevant group board invites?

    ok, your the #1 pinterest marketer on the planet, you win
  18. EmpireQuality

    Should I accept all relevant group board invites?

    i can quote every one of your posts if i want, you cant stop me. but anyways, what you said was very vague so i didn't know exactly what you meant.
  19. EmpireQuality

    Should I accept all relevant group board invites?

    yup, group board pins get very low visibility now. also, having a bunch of random boards makes your account look spammy