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  1. JeanandradeRp

    Why I need to ask review of my profile everyday?

    Nope, worldwide problem
  2. JeanandradeRp

    Sell old Facebook accounts (with Dating, verify identity) And old pages and types of BM

    - Bm 250 : 15$. how many ad accounts we can create after spending on it?
  3. JeanandradeRp

    Facebook Ad Account "Identity Confirmation Failed"

    Move to the next profile. You cant do anything anymore to save the profile.
  4. JeanandradeRp

    How to resist ad account without showing ad account name

    Damn, if this work, i will pray for you every day to win on loterry. Edit: there has to be an card screenshot still to send the ticket , thank tho
  5. JeanandradeRp


    dafuq i just read? (2)
  6. JeanandradeRp

    Unlimited BMs

    you should check it after some hours, every bm created has no limit, once they sit still , the limit will appear
  7. JeanandradeRp

    Facebook Advertising

    It's cause the profile got restriction not the BM that you were launching ads
  8. JeanandradeRp

    Tip add card for new account on BM no die account, and creat new campain with new page, profile non verify id photo , duplicate campain,..

    This method is to safely add a card to your Ad account without getting a Ad account ban
  9. JeanandradeRp

    I don't have an appeal button

    Wait 6-8 hours and probably there will be a button to confirm a transaction
  10. JeanandradeRp

    Is it possible to make a fake ID and confirm it for coinbase?

    Why would you take the risk to lose all your assets if they ask for id re-validation. And probably they will if the system sees something strange
  11. JeanandradeRp

    Can I verify my fb

    If you mean the id verification on Yes you can If you mean pass through identity analysis on AD account , no you cannot
  12. JeanandradeRp

    How much time it takes for an ad to start spending after creation?

    There's a problem in Fb that started days ago, that Ads would'nt spend the money probably a temp bug
  13. JeanandradeRp

    ✅Facebook,Instagram, TikTok,GMAIL accounts and Facebook Business Managers FROM $2 ✅

    Still have $250/limit BMs? can create up to 5 ad accounts after payments??
  14. JeanandradeRp

    Binance on Facebook

    They are manually approved by facebook to run Crypto Ads
  15. JeanandradeRp

    How do I resolve this error?

    Its self-explanatory. You're choosing instagram for look-a-like people to show your ads and this public is to small
  16. JeanandradeRp

    ✅ Dolphin{anty} - a modern antidetect browser! -❗️10 free profiles for everyone❗️

    Hello , i started using your software , and i cannot set the Free trial for 10 profiles. on the subscribe site always set the 3-day trial for the 1000 profile trial
  17. JeanandradeRp

    Personal profile banned under legit ecom business. What to do next?

    And dont spend more on Reinstated profile, Facebook has updated last weekend, even reinstated profiles are getting restriction if you log in a new IP
  18. JeanandradeRp

    Has anyone been successfull running Ads on Facebook recently?

    Its worldwide, I am facing same problem with my customers in brazil. Only way to really advertise that we are having success is Reinstated profile + Reinstated BM + Reinstated Page . But it is just nightmare since this algorithm update
  19. JeanandradeRp

    Fb restrict everything

    Every year is the same thing... hope this will be too
  20. JeanandradeRp

    ✅Facebook,Instagram, TikTok,GMAIL accounts and Facebook Business Managers FROM $2 ✅

    How old are the accounts, possible to use brazilian proxies on those fb accounts?