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  1. Jabbz18

    How to increase DA and DR?

    Quality backlinks in the form of guest posts or insertions and consistent content. Staying consistent and posting fresh content daily (ensuring it provides value), rapidly increases your trust in google.
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    Where Can I Find Images To Use In Blog?

    Ive tried midjourney, it often comes out grainy from what ive put in though.
  3. Jabbz18

    Where Can I Find Images To Use In Blog?

    Im in the travel niche
  4. Jabbz18

    Where Can I Find Images To Use In Blog?

    I just paid for the plan and this is what I'm using for the moment.
  5. Jabbz18

    Do you agree that WhiteHat SEO is always more costly than Blackhat SEO?

    I think some methods still work but it's clear that the sites surviving now are more white hat. Google's update shook things up when spam sites were ranking higher but this won't last. On the other hand, I think it's unfair to even call it white hat because realistically you are still using...
  6. Jabbz18

    Where Can I Find Images To Use In Blog?

    I assume you're talking about the number of posts. This is all about momentum, the harder you work/ more you pump out (making sure they are of quality) will always help your site. Low-ranking blogs also serve a purpose as you can implement internal linking strategies and target long-tail...
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    Where Can I Find Images To Use In Blog?

    This is a good idea my site requires real-life images though as it's in the travel niche, and this is what makes it pretty difficult. Do you use any generators specifically?
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    What is the most frustrating thing about guest posting for you?

    The pricing for me, even trying to haggle down is an issue now because many prospects have just stopped replying.
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    What are the principles of link bulding

    Traffic of the link is a huge metric now even more so than a high DA for certain sites. I did a method where id find a resourceful new page ranking first page on google which had informational traffic (DA didn't matter that much). You'll then find other blogs in the niche that will more than...
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    Do you agree that WhiteHat SEO is always more costly than Blackhat SEO?

    Yes, your getting better quality backlinks which in turn = more money but also = better results.
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    Competitor Attacks?

    someone did this to one of my sites, it doesn't work anymore though. The links are most no follow anyway.
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    Where Can I Find Images To Use In Blog?

    I have used free sites like Unsplash and Pixabay but they have extremely limited images. I've also looked at sites such as istock however they only allow a small number of downloads or credits per month which isn't convenient if im pumping outa few blogs per day. It will be interesting to see...
  13. Jabbz18

    Keyword Research: Ahrefs vs Semrush, which is better?

    Ive always used SEMrush but that's simply just because it was the first tool i used and got comfortable with. I would go with whichever you're comfortable using. I have heard ahrefs data is slightly more accurate though.
  14. Jabbz18

    What Do you do when this happens?

    It's more than possible to regain your positions, you just have to stay on top of everything. Go back to low quality pages, update them and submit them for indexing. Add better internal links and create a lot of new quality content.
  15. Jabbz18

    ChatGPT & SEO

    Yeah, it's pretty hard to detect if its spot on. However, what a lot of people think is spot-on content is in reality easily detectable. Also "re-writing" doesn't just mean scanning wording and changing the content to make sense, it means literally looking at every sentence as if you're writing...
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    How can I attract visitors to my website?

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    What I need to do after getting most of my keywords to first page?

    I'd monitor the keywords closely to make sure they don't drop but instead of focusing on those keywords start looking for more opportunities. You can use SEMrush (or another tool) or GSC to find keywords with high traffic potential.
  18. Jabbz18

    Stuck In Page 8

    Start building strong links to the page if its fully been optimized for the keyword. I'd also recommend having an internal link strategy to leverage strong pages on your own site.
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    How to find low-competition affiliate niches using Ahrefs. [ A Step-by-Step Guide ]

    Nice method mate. For people who have a free account i have also found some good sub-niches with PAA, If you narrow down you should find a few similar questions which are good enough to create a whole site on.
  20. Jabbz18

    Could this be the end of SEO?

    It will change and adapt, this is why in order to stay in the game you need to stay on top of everything going on and adapt with it.