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  1. fatboy

    The show must go on......

    Another brilliant song - could you tell I had the Queen tracks streaming last night :) As for you mate, keep exposing the scammers and enjoy yourself. Been a blast chatting to you on odd occasions, take care! Thanks - and a bigger thanks for all the things you dump on here, picked up some...
  2. fatboy

    The show must go on......

    I do and you are on the good guy list - and thanks!
  3. fatboy

    The show must go on......

    Thats a deal my friend - and as one of the good guys, may your success carry on!
  4. fatboy

    The show must go on......

    .....not only one of the best tracks ever created by Queen, but my parting thoughts :) I know not a lot of people will care much but after many years being here I would like to say I have made a few virtual friends, some I don't talk to for an age, some I talk to daily but I know they are...
  5. fatboy

    what are the best practices to configure WHM that emails get delivered to inbox not spam?

    SPF and DKIM are good things to have but also keep an eye on your IP address in blacklists. I checked the ip of the domain name you have in the image above and you are not on any (and YISP are a good company to deal with as well ;)) Not sure how you are hosting that - shared, VPS, dedicated but...
  6. fatboy

    How does addmefast know when you're macroing?

    Probably goes on how long you have been on the site - not many people sit on a single site for hours at end. Maybe even the delay inbetween actions. If you have a macro / bot then you more than likely have set delays between actions - if they are the same that will stand out in logs / analytics...
  7. fatboy

    Proxy detecting

    Big one is if its a 'known' proxy they will blacklist. Its complete bollocks that you ever have a private proxy UNLESS you are the first user of that IP address and the only way you can guarantee that is to get it straight from the likes of ARIN etc. However, as IPv4 is in very short supply...
  8. fatboy

    Tweaking and tuning apache!

    If you have busy sites then I would spend more time looking at the database side of things and the caching you have on the wordpress installs. As all the sites are dynamic thats where your memory will get slapped. If you want to keep hosting on a small VPS, and to be honest I am surprised that...
  9. fatboy

    Is there a imgur auto poster/mass poster software ?

    I had something I put together a while ago - just give the bot a folder full of images, your logon details (if you use an account) and it just goes through uploading it. If you have no luck finding anything else I can take a look to see if I can dig it back out and check it works.
  10. fatboy

    Want htaccess code for wordpress page redirection

    In that case Haspel has it sorted: Redirect 301 /old-page-name.html
  11. fatboy

    Want htaccess code for wordpress page redirection

    Why not just use a plugin if you are not used to the htaccess file? Something like:
  12. fatboy

    Want a UBot Programmer

    I have a ubot traffic bot that does what you want already - takes proxies, it has random UA and screen sizes etc. Feel free to give me a shout.
  13. fatboy

    Forget Dragon Naturally Speaking! Try Google Voice Typing. It's very smooth.

    That line made my night - me at a pro level, ah that made me chuckle. Pro gob shite maybe, a few people would agree with that, amateur bot maker, shit hot* sysadmin but a shite marketer :D * May not be quite shit hot but I know my way round stuff :D
  14. fatboy

    Forget Dragon Naturally Speaking! Try Google Voice Typing. It's very smooth.

    Quite right - however, you will be surprised what is a spy tool or a roll the dice and you take your chances my fine friend. Always your own call in the end :)
  15. fatboy

    Forget Dragon Naturally Speaking! Try Google Voice Typing. It's very smooth.

    Its Christmas BTB, I will only take spiced rum and ginger ale for the month of December :D
  16. fatboy

    Forget Dragon Naturally Speaking! Try Google Voice Typing. It's very smooth.

    Well, when you get rich ranking hard you know who helped. I will take envelopes full of 50 pound notes as payment at anytime :D
  17. fatboy

    Forget Dragon Naturally Speaking! Try Google Voice Typing. It's very smooth.

    The cynical side of me thinks Google would love you all to write your articles with this. It then has a copy of what you are "writing", along with the Google accounts you are logged into. It then knows what sites in its index are yours thanks to comparing your article to everything it finds...
  18. fatboy

    Anyone own a Raspberri Pi? What do you make it do?

    Just to add on to this, just made another one of mine (I have about 7 sat here!) into a wifi hotspot in part of the house that is a deadspot. Ethernet cable to the upper floor with the Pi hanging off the end with a wifi dongle in in. Works a treat and now have the house covered in wifi...
  19. fatboy

    I F'D up pretty bad

    You, along with others who have had an accident / killed someone after drinking and/or drugs, should just man up, admit you are a twat, you fucked up and do the time. Slime coated lawyers who defend people like you should be wiped from the face of the earth grabbing wank bags know...
  20. fatboy

    [Christmas Giveaway] Expired Tumblr blogs Upto PA47 PR5

    Just came home from a day out and have a PM from the OP with a list of tumblrs up for grabs (PA of 27-31). All done and dusted, great guy to deal with - big thanks and happy new year!