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  1. MicroJackson

    need tips Making Money with my music website

    It's a music production store and I'm searching for affiliates to suggest a relatively high commission. Here are the details ->
  2. MicroJackson

    need tips Making Money with my music website

    Hey @Perrycole PM me if you're interested in JV. We have digital products in music production so we can make monetization work better for you!
  3. MicroJackson

    How Much Should I be Making with 250,000 Visitors per Month?

    Hey Adam, I'm in the music niche too! I will be happy to suggest a JV so you can advertise our digital products for music producers and it may boost your revenue. PM me if you're interested.
  4. MicroJackson

    [JV] My Music Production Digital Products - Your Traffic

    Hello guys! I am here to spread the love and offer a joint venture to fellow BHW members :) What Our Team Can Provide: We sell 100% white-hat digital products for the music producers with an ~$30 average check. Our major funnel has a ~3-5% conversion rate from Facebook Ads. We can suggest a...
  5. MicroJackson

    Facebook Post Likes Scraper

    The main question remains the same. How do you import them? Where do you get the emails of these people?
  6. MicroJackson

    Facebook Post Likes Scraper

    Hmm, can you explain this? I've researched and couldn't found any evidence how to do that. Cause facebook doesn't allow to use the Facebook id's anymore for creating the audiences.
  7. MicroJackson

    Facebook Post Likes Scraper

    I don't know whether I am allowed to share the links here, but I will give you the hint how to find it -> Search for the Dr. FarFar.
  8. MicroJackson

    Facebook Post Likes Scraper

    Man, thank you! You've saved a lot of time for me. Was a bit hard to translate the Portuguese, but I did it :) Works like a charm.
  9. MicroJackson

    Facebook Post Likes Scraper

    Hey guys! Does somebody have the post-likes scraper to get the people id's from the Facebook page? I thought to make my own, but maybe somebody can link me to the already working one! Thanks.
  10. MicroJackson

    Looking for the US resident.

    I've applied to the Skillshare affiliate program and it doesn't approve the Ukraine residents. :weep: I am looking for someone to help me with this. PM me and we will discuss everything. Thanks for the attention.
  11. MicroJackson

    Spotify Giveaway! :)

    I suppose I'm late to the party :D. But still begging for premium account if you have another one :) But more than accounts - I am interested in how do you generate listens? Not long ago, we were talking about how to get famous on Spotify with greyhat methods -...
  12. MicroJackson

    [DISCUSS] Spotify Method (Black Hat)

    Hey, OP, I am a musician too. And I would like to see your journey! Would you create one? If you consider to do something with it - please inform me :p By the way, I think this method should work. Gradually increase likes/listens for example: 1st day. Buy some listens/likes -> 2nd day buy a...
  13. MicroJackson

    My Journey with CPA and Instagram Paid ads.

    Ok. After all your unexplained posts and earnings - what is your "core" strategy - we don't need niches and details. 1. You find the offer on MaxBounty 2. You find the IG influencer and just directly buy the post or story? Something like that?
  14. MicroJackson

    Just saying Hi

    Hi sticky buddy :)
  15. MicroJackson

    How would YOU monetize 'Travel' Instagram Accounts?

    Hey bro. Why don't you just build personal brand/account and send all the traffic to it? Man, you have the gold. Do you really need those fast money that affiliate programs can make you? I'd do the long run -> Make an amazing personal/travel IG account and additionally your personal brand...
  16. MicroJackson

    Hello everyone. This is Prashant Ojha a New member of BHW

    Prashant, Whazzzupp! Welcome to BHW <3
  17. MicroJackson

    Complicated task for buying special domain name.

    I have in mind a simple domain name. There is no site on it. It is created in 2002.. And still somebody is updating it. So I decided to find the owner. But it seems impossible :D:D WHOIS shows that User Data is Protected. But I've found the following Registrar: Tucows Inc. Registration Service...
  18. MicroJackson

    Help : Targeting 500 visits

    There is no magic pill. And it's not the "easy-fast" way. Register on Reddit -> read the rules, get to know the subreddits you are targeting. Try to become the part of community in those subs(Constantly post interesting things and reply to people). And remember the Reddit's golden rule - no...
  19. MicroJackson

    Help : Targeting 500 visits

    Try Reddit. Worked for me. Very strong traffic if community likes your post.