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    I am looking for content in a fetish niche. Can you provide an example and discount for first order? Thanks,,,
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    Domain with "instagram" not possible to register?

    Nope, the lesson to learn is... Do not use Trademarks in Domains.
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    Domain with "instagram" not possible to register?

    Regarding Trademarked Domains it is a stupid idea to start a project. Topic closed. Regarding Domains, it is good to review the portfolio. Just checked and like to share: porkbun is good for new Domains (but only for the first 3!) for transfer sav is much better (only a few cent) but...
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    Domain with "instagram" not possible to register?

    Yes, Trademark Domain was not a good idea. So topic done, and lessons learned :) Yes, they are much cheaper registrars, but speed and service is ok... but I am open for any recomandations. Thanks.
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    Domain with "instagram" not possible to register?

    Ok, I can add it to cart but then due to the trademark it is not possible to register a .com Domain... just wondering if any other registars handling it similar.
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    Domain with "instagram" not possible to register?

    Just tried to get .com Domain including [***] and namecheap will not register it because of copyright... anoyone else done this expirience? Where do you register your *.com Domains? Thanks!
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    I greet you all

    Warm welcome. What is your focus topic?
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    German Affiliate Programms

    Thank´s... and true ;)
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    German Affiliate Programms

    Anyone a good advise for a german affilaite programm? Looking for: 1. Reliable adult programm (nice in foot fetish and dating) 2. Digital Content Affilate for financial advisory Most of the german programms like: AWIN or XCash are rejecting requests. Thanks!
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    Newbie from Little Old Ireland

    Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to share knowledge with you.
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    Welcome, what is your motivation and do you have any skills already?
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    My Make Money Introduction

    Welcome and good luck. Nice motivation. So I am also new to BHW and I work long time online. Making money is not easy and need a lot of effort ... and some skills. So everything is possible. So you want to make money with Adult Traffic? Any nice?
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    Greetings, travellers!

    Welcome, sounds good... whats your main focus interest? Any expierience?
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    Hello world

    Welcome, I am also new to the community. What are your focus topic?
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    New one from Germany joining...

    Wow, amazing! Thank you... yes I am an old dirty bastad :) And no, I am not rich... but it is enught I allways done it for myself but I started when there was no Google SEO... and in the beginning we didn´t know what we are doing. But it was easy and not so regulated like today. A lot of stuff...
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    Creating IG accounts?

    Do you have a good advise for a IG Proxy for account registration?
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    Good source or start for tools and code for instagram

    Anyone a good source for code, scripts or tools for instagram? I am interested in: - automatic account creation - coding or modifaction of IG-bots PHP, JS, PYTHON prefered... Thank you...
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    New one from Germany joining...

    Working since 1995 online... developpin onlineprojects mostly focused on adult niche like fetish about nylons & feet, but also other stuff. Looking for KT-exchange about Social Media Networks and Bots (Focus Insta), Linkbuilding and SEO Hacks.... If u like to know sonething about me... ask!