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  1. underground-rap

    Looking for a good cheap webhosting

    namecheap works well tho and is cheap as the name says it
  2. underground-rap

    Where's your dream place to live? Looking to move soon

    Indonesia, Borneo is the place. Indonesia in general. Been there for half a year and spent an amazing time with local people. The island Borneo has hold a spiritual journey for me and a lot of mysteries to discover. People are really kind, food is the best I found anywhere in this world and it...
  3. underground-rap

    What is the EASIEST Way you have Earned MONEY?

    in total I was able to make roughly over 3k€ passive income
  4. underground-rap

    What is the EASIEST Way you have Earned MONEY?

    No but the method I used. The Traffic was pretty much useless. It was a view4view method and everybody had a VPS with a low quality VPN lol. Unfortunetely I forgot the name for this platform. My bad
  5. underground-rap

    Where can I buy HQ Twitter Accounts?

    The title says it all. Since I got locked out of my beautiful account with over 24k followers, and can't manage to get back inside, I have to get myself a new account. I don't want to start at 0 followers and I also don't want a brandnew account. Aged is prefered. Does BHW has any sellers for...
  6. underground-rap


    Cool so technically you could make 25-30 dollars every 30min or 50-60 dollars every hour, which is a decent income per hour :D. Thanks for sharing this OP. I am already on another level but sometimes I try to spend my freetime well
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    Twitter might be shutting down tonight

    Oh yes and remember when Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram in 2012? He made it become one of the most successful platforms currently around.
  8. underground-rap

    Twitter might be shutting down tonight

    It's just all the toxic people that fear to lose their platform and voice. Elon surly knows how to turn Twitter into a goldmine. At least make twice as much back as he spent on it. Twitter has fallen way back already.
  9. underground-rap

    What is the EASIEST Way you have Earned MONEY?

    Some years back there was a funny method. The method included: - 1x Ad network (mainly hosting ads on minecraft servers) - 1x Fake traffic generator (mainly came from VPS and through VPNs, was a funny exchange network) - 1x website, where tons of the ads from the Ad network are placed on The...
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    Super interesting method. I just wonder how much time it took you to make the 370$ in total. How time consuming is this? Thanks for posting this OP
  11. underground-rap

    PayPal negative $9800 advise

    To have your account in debt can harm you longterm. For example banks are less likely to hand out loans. And you eventually get noted as insolvent. So be careful with this. Only way out is stacking the money I believe. Had the same issue when a client scammed me for €2k right before christmas...
  12. underground-rap

    Inorganic Music Promo - Spotify / Youtube

    I really tried to find something, but this was it. Thanks haha.
  13. underground-rap

    What are some good services / products to resell?

    Hello, I am trying to figure out what is worth to resell atm. Personally, I am a graphics designer, filmmaker, marketer and web dev. so I can provide a lot. I also run an agency, but I just got started with it so I barely have clients. A good way to stack is reselling other Services. I was able...
  14. underground-rap

    What is your biggest addiction?

    I smoke weed all the time. Every day and every night.
  15. underground-rap

    Reviews Needed for Few of our Services

    Interested! Got a good niche to work with :)
  16. underground-rap

    How to promote NFT?

    I have some experience inside the NFT industry, I am also part of a private NFT artist workshop. Last but not least I am an graphics and print designer, filmmaker, marketer and more (all creative soul) for 10 years now. Promoting your NFTs is one thing, but offering an actual benefit for the...