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  1. Fwiffo

    Best Dragon's Den Episode! - Lol

    not real. show is usually pretty good. better than shark tank IMHO. this must have been the bad joke episode..... she's the one of the producers on the show'_Den_(Canada)
  2. Fwiffo

    They Drilled Out the Lock on my Storage Unit, and Claim it was an "Accident"

    - is it being overnighted from a central location or their location? if the first, fairly difficult to tamper with it. - look to make sure the shadows from the sun are coming from the right direction for that time of day. That's almost impossible to doctor - look for edited or ghosty images in...
  3. Fwiffo

    I need a cool name for my real estate company

    my suggestions: soldright soldfast 1stview 1stpression if you're running a video company, chances are you're mostly selling to realtors or people looking to sell their homes. Every other product or service those people see in that market is "estate-something" or "re-something". the brands get...
  4. Fwiffo

    Any of you do SEO for realtors?

    likely never will be :)
  5. Fwiffo

    Any of you do SEO for realtors?

    ya, that's a tough call. here's two things I do know: - hot RE markets will turn cold (eventually) - google will update their algo I personally think that for your situation you need to more than one "type" of income coming in. IM and RE might be a good combo, maybe you need some IM clients...
  6. Fwiffo

    Any of you do SEO for realtors?

    glad I could help. What I suggest to RE agents is to focus on writing about the city / town / neighbourhood they're in, and talk about a whole lot of stuff that isn't even RE. and make that their only site. Even make a page (directory?) about all the realtors in town, list all their contact...
  7. Fwiffo

    Any of you do SEO for realtors?

    don't have any realtor clients, but have a few friends who are in the industry (some do well, others not so much), and have given them free pointers and looked pretty deeply into their sites. Also used to work direct sales (in a different industry). some (somewhat random) thoughts on things...
  8. Fwiffo

    What might be the name of the next Google update ?

    puffin black and white animal that starts with a p........
  9. Fwiffo

    Who are the MMO Gurus worth listening to?

    "salty droid" is the one I recommend when it comes to guru advice!
  10. Fwiffo

    What location in The Best Weather?

    summers in Northern California, Winters (Nov-March) in Cape Town (see sunniest places by month section)
  11. Fwiffo

    Mac VS PC (What's your opinion?)

    not a huge fan of Mac OS X - pain to use, most IM type of operations won't work with it love Mac hardware - well built, quiet, they're pretty good with warranty service IMHO... personally I like Lenovo or Mac running Windows....
  12. Fwiffo

    Cannot change to searchs

    get google global browser plugin
  13. Fwiffo

    Your 5 Seconds could send my friend to NYC!

    voted. good luck.
  14. Fwiffo

    Google Blocked the IP Temporarily ....for my site!

    lol I get that too I think google banned their IP temporarily, I'm getting the same message even for
  15. Fwiffo

    Affilaite marketing soon doomed?? apparently IE 10 going to have DNT as default setting....
  16. Fwiffo

    STOP using Gmail, please

    from: most of google's reasoning for invading your personal privacy is that it is to "maintain and protect" their systems. and when you submit any information to them, as per their privacy policy you basically give them free reign to use it to "maintain...
  17. Fwiffo

    STOP using Gmail, please

  18. Fwiffo

    Down to my last $500. How would you spend in my situation?

    If you're good at writing, get back into it. It boost your rates up and then hire the work out. Become an editor and buy for $2.50 and sell for $10...
  19. Fwiffo

    SEO GURU'S! Spamming a No-Index Page. Giving away thanks to answers :)

    tough call.... on one hand, you should be ok. On the other, there may be some filter that looks at domain level links.............. I personally believe that they're looking a domain level penalties and take into account how the domain looks across the board. If it was me personally, and it...
  20. Fwiffo

    Anybody else been hijacked by google metatags?

    nothing strange, but I'm not an htaccess expert however there is a URL listed in the page cache core - if this is your site it's probably fine, if not then it's probably where the meta is being pulled from. You may want to delete or change that part of the htaccess code if it's your site and...