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  1. djedje70

    Just lost my 4th job in the past 5 months

    Seriously dude, if you can go door to door for 14 hours a day, how many businesses did you get in? How many business owners did you meet in a week? Now do the same trip you did but sell some SEO or web site re-design for yourself instead of working for someone else. A lot more potential, trust...
  2. djedje70

    [LOLZ] Should have gone to Fiverr-Epic Trolling

    Wow, that guy has a real sense of humour. His pie charts were and logo were awesome. That made me laugh real good.
  3. djedje70

    Thesis or Swift???

  4. djedje70

    Thesis or Swift???

    Hey guys, Looking for feedbacks here. This is for a huge project for a friend of mine. Lots of potential... Thesis seems to be the best for SEO. Swift seems to be the fastest one out there, and is very good SEO-wise. What would you use? Thx.
  5. djedje70

    Subscription/Membership Site - Which Script to Use?

    Nice thread. I'll need a solution in the near future. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  6. djedje70

    LSI Article Writing Service | 1K Word Articles | 100% Professional Grade Unique Content|Fo

    I was lucky to get one discounted order of 15X1000 articles. I told foreclosureking it would be for 2 separate projects, and sent him my list of keywords for the 1st project. This project is not mine, but a friend who already has a site in French. I told op to have a look at it, and translate...
  7. djedje70

    what are some good non-us ppc/ppv networks for publishers?

    For ppv there's media traffic, based in Montreal. Minimum to get in was $200 last time I checked.
  8. djedje70

    Ban The Person Above You

    Ban the person above me for joining bhw in Dec 2010. And ban the guy below for wanting to ban me. Ban you all!!!
  9. djedje70

    Bill gates is just awesome !!

    Pfff... Another fake guru with fake CB sales screenshots... :p
  10. djedje70

    PayPal 'makes' buyer destroy $2500 antique violin

    This is just insane.
  11. djedje70

    Professional SEO Services - Updated For Penguin - Let Us Do All the Work

    Subscribed. This definitely looks like an excellent service.
  12. djedje70

    Facebook IPO Discussion

    I plan on buying between 6K-10K of shares when they go out. And resell all of it in a matter of 48-72 hours. This has the potential to double and even triple in no time. Then it will settle down probably.
  13. djedje70

    SOPA and GoDaddy

    Worth reading Bastards.
  14. djedje70

    This smart girl make 5 figure a month online

    She's been doing very good for years now. She also owns, and some other ones as well.
  15. djedje70

    Usa govt has started stealing sites...

    I guess you don't take advantage of all the freebies we find here then? Imagine DHS shutting down BHW because we steal WSO and some cracked plugins and softwares... :eek:
  16. djedje70

    Getting 50k/month visits help me monetize

    If you already have Adsense, then check your stats and see what converts the most. This will give you an idea of what your visitors are interested in. Then switch Adsense to a product (Clickbank, Amazon, etc...) that has a bigger $$$ return.
  17. djedje70

    Why Is No One Here Concerned With Project Management of Their IM Projects?

    For that type of budget and such a short timeline you need more than 1 pm. It amounts to 275K a day of spending. 7 days a week. Admittedly, when you manage a construction site, a lot of the budget goes into buying materials, renting machinery, etc... But there is still a lot of resource hours...
  18. djedje70

    Food For Louis NOT for the faint hearted - this is nasty

    Maybe, but if in a restaurant they offer that on the menu and they're a lot smaller in your plate, than you know the bull won the fight on that day !!! :18:
  19. djedje70

    SEO business looking for customers?

    Seems like I'm late for Canada. If you wish to have another tester here, I'm in Quebec.