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  1. SmugBug

    How to get money in USA bank account from crypto?

    This is simple. Go on paxful, create a trade to exchange btc for cash deposit into your account. Alternatively, you can pay someone you trust to add your account to his PayPal then he'll withdraw the amount you agreed on to your account and paypal would mail a check to your bank.
  2. SmugBug

    PayPal Account Banned? Congratulations!

    I can never go back to paypal after they permanently locked my accounts with over $4000 in one for no reason and without any option to get my money back. They killed my drive.
  3. SmugBug

    [GET] Free Reddit Account Creator!!!

    Congrats on your 1000th post. Could you please provide a new link as the first link is showing 404 error? Thanks a lot. Cheers!
  4. SmugBug

    How to find reliable agent from China?

    I do buy products from China and have a couple of agents and shipping companies I use. The problem is whether the product you deal in is what my agents could help you with but you can send me a DM.
  5. SmugBug

    CPA Journey - Goal 100$/day - using 100% free traffic

    Good luck with your journey bro, I'm glad you're motivated by @lucky.sparks journey just as I am. I guess I'm next in turn to start a journey of my own. I'm surely following your progress. :)
  6. SmugBug

    $0-1000 Challenge/Journey - Linkvertise and clickbank/Cpa

    How is it going buddy? I think you didn't just let the cat out of the bag, you hand the cat the bag but it'll all good. Try to improve on your method and if possible, find a way to automate your work. Have you checked out clk/sh (replace / with a dot)? I have a unique way I'm going about mine...
  7. SmugBug

    I'm becoming a REAL mr. FESTINGER in two weeks time! Huuray!

    Congratulations @Festinger I wish you both a blessed home and a happy life together.
  8. SmugBug

    What road should I pick?

    Verification service but I have something better you can do with that. DM me as I wouldn't want to put that in the open. Regards!
  9. SmugBug

    $0-1000 Challenge/Journey - Linkvertise and clickbank/Cpa

    This is interesting an interesting journey you're on. I have a Telegram group on which I shared this method with my members last year. I bet you'll have more success if you can put in all the work and stay focused and with that earning, I believe you have all it takes to cash in big on this...
  10. SmugBug

    Bulk SMS Provider

    Alright, thanks for your input. Its very much appreciated.
  11. SmugBug

    Bulk SMS Provider

    Just worried about what option to select since I dont know if they would allow promotons messages.
  12. SmugBug

    Bulk SMS Provider

    Please where do you buy the twilio account. I need an active API to try out a new app. Thanks
  13. SmugBug

    ✅ Journey to $10,000 passive income using free traffic

    @lucky.sparks thanks for this thread. It feels great each time I read through great journeys like this, so many wisdom are shared. I must confess, I love your confidence and approach to things and would love to be mentored by you. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to programming but I've...
  14. SmugBug

    DA 93 backlink that indexes in a flash!

    Its funny but the site opened at first attempt, I wish I had a website right now.
  15. SmugBug

    free facebook ads

    Where can someone get that and what is the assurance of getting the $300 coupon? Thanks for your anticipated response.
  16. SmugBug

    Help needed with Njalla VPS hosting

    The support is poor and slow. Some times, almost 48hrs before you get response on week days and no response on weekends.
  17. SmugBug

    Help needed with Njalla VPS hosting

    Thanks for those recommendations, I'll look into them right away.
  18. SmugBug

    Help needed with Njalla VPS hosting

    Thanks for your response. Have you used Njalla VPS before or experienced the Login disabled error?