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  1. ShiftySituation

    [method] TWINKIES TO CASH

    Twinkies last a long time... I suggest you sit on them for about a year or so and then sell for 10x that much. Fried twinkies are like crack.
  2. ShiftySituation

    Hiring eBay Sellers 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    I hear opening an ebay store pretty much runs itself, you just add product and quantity. Why you don't do it yourself just tells me that you are playing with something fishy. gtfo
  3. ShiftySituation

    Need some stuff direct from China...

    I've seen a few people on here that have a direct connection to China products but none is replying back to what I need. I figured I'd put the word out publicly and see what happens. I need wireless cameras and USB dongle w/ audio & video inputs. If you are a reputable vendor and can provide...
  4. ShiftySituation

    Disavow links - Matt Cutts is back (Video)

    If google knows what they want or don't want, why don't they disavow links themselves, automatically? Seems like a dumb tool so they can cover their ass because people trying to negative SEO their competition.
  5. ShiftySituation

    How to monetize your IP address

    People do it all of the time for various reasons that I'm not saying. I wouldn't suggest that you do it on your main internet line. People usually want a dedicated DSL line (non-fiber optic) so they can reset the connection and get a new IP address. With that said, if you did it to your main...
  6. ShiftySituation

    eBay Was Apparently a Great Source of Money....

    Trial and error. You can't learn to swim until you get your feet wet. With ebay, you have to sell a tangible item, which means you have to have a connection to get those items for cheap to turn a profit. Since selling on ebay isn't a local sale, like selling on CL, no one in their right mind...
  7. ShiftySituation

    IP Traced With DSL

    I know there has been discussion in the past that a non-fiber DSL line can't be traced back to you based on IP address. Is this true or someones lame guess that spiraled out of control? If it is true, why doesn't CL use it to C&D those that over post or those that phish for personal...
  8. ShiftySituation

    Getting on Page 1 of Google in 4 days

    Not sure if you guys missed the subtle sales pitch, but it's there. (hint: about 18 posts back)
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    The Best Random Number Generator

    The problem with seeding based on time is CPUs process so fast that it can spit out a great amount of data in a millisecond. In turn, you will be using the same seed to produce your random int. To test this, put your code in a for loop and loop it a thousand times while outputting the int as a...
  10. ShiftySituation

    Getting on Page 1 of Google in 4 days

    I don't see it anywhere on G... look at first 15 pages. OP, can you provide us with a g position when you tell us what you did for today's SEO tactics?
  11. ShiftySituation

    Wholesale Video Games/ Movies New Sealed WII PS3 XBOX

    I have a family business of yard sales, flea market and swap meet sales. I've been buying games and movies from various people just looking to get rid of their stuff but would like an easier and more steady supplier. I always buy in bulk and move about 500 movies and games per month. Can you...
  12. ShiftySituation

    Is Hostgator still reliable after being taken over by EIG?

    I got a dedicated server and canceled my 3 shared hosting accounts. Filled out all of the necessary forms to cancel and 3 months went by where they still charged my credit card. As far as hosting, I see no difference.
  13. ShiftySituation

    Holy crap I stink at cold calling

    If you are good talking in person then stand in front of a mirror while you are on the phone. It will give you a sense that you are talking in person. Or have someone in the room with you and talk while looking at them. Use a headset to talk with them so your hands are free to make jesters...
  14. ShiftySituation

    A big hello from Florida

    Pick a niche that you are familiar with, figure out what to sell related to that niche, create a presentation to showcase what you are selling and market the crap out of it!!
  15. ShiftySituation

    Rob Dyrdeks New Startup

    I don't see a way to use the API to shorten URL's... I'd love to do it within my personal automation tools and websites to increase my wealth. I generate 5000+ clicks a day but it would be a pain to manually shorten script generated links.
  16. ShiftySituation

    Web Programmer/Designer

    I'd suggest something like wordpress as it will be easy for you to add/edit images. You can even set it up to where you just email the image, image title and description and your wordpress will add it to your site. You should look at wordpress themes and find one that you like, then pay...
  17. ShiftySituation

    [SURPRISE] 10 JR.VIPs And Over

    I'm always too slow to get the free stuff... guess that is why I work so hard to buy it.
  18. ShiftySituation

    Does anyone know how to use captcha sniper with senukex?

    Captcha Sniper redirect jacks decaptcher so if you set your captcha service as decaptcher and input anything for login/password, it should work. It should also say you have $7.77 when you test it. Make sure CS is running and then run senuke.
  19. ShiftySituation

    CAPTCHA SNIPER Your Auto Captcha Solving Software!

    I've been running this for a couple of days now and it isn't to bad. It does save a lot of money. The only things I don't like about it is; it blocks, having to select the different captcha types and also submitting the unknown captcha images. I use decaptcher because I've been...
  20. ShiftySituation

    Intel SSD 320 series vs SATA2

    SSD for sure... even cheap SSD is going to be faster than a good SATA2