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  1. GreyWolf

    BHW Mods - What Do They Really Do?

    Wait... I just really wanna believe that's a representation of a mod's daily activities. Just singing and dancing with a bunch of pretty girls all day. LOL. C'mon, just tell me that really is a Mod Training video. I really wanna believe in the dream. :)
  2. GreyWolf

    Chase forgives all debt to Canada customers

    Or maybe William702 was suggesting that by writing off the debt, the bank would be able to get tax credits or other financial benefits that would outweigh whatever value they would get from selling the debt. With all the different programs available to large businesses and financial...
  3. GreyWolf

    Has anyone here used Textpattern CMS for a blog?

    Both Ghost and Textpattern are in the list I'm considering. Have you tried either of them? or both? If so, what is your experience with them? (I'm also considering Jekyll, if anyone has experience with that.)
  4. GreyWolf

    Has anyone here used Textpattern CMS for a blog?

    Hi everyone. I have a project that only requires about 4 or 5 static pages and a blog. Wordpress would work of course, but it's really become overkill for just straight blog posts. I'm looking for something a lot less resource intense, still secure, responsive, and a lot easier to achieve...
  5. GreyWolf

    Approached by influencer

    Andrei, just think of it in terms of what offer would be good for you and make it. Either she says yes or no. So, if sending three items in different styles seems a reasonable cost to you, then make her the offer. Tell her that if she does the "post on feed + story" like @underachieved...
  6. GreyWolf

    Problem with a Contact Form

    Thanks. The php is configured fine on the server. That was first thing I tested. jscript is also fine on my client side. I thought the code looked good too. Maybe it's something stupid like a random quote out of place? It was a copy/pasted code snippet from a website. I've had problems doing...
  7. GreyWolf

    Problem with a Contact Form

    This is such a simple thing, but I just can't get it sorted out for some reason. lol. OK, I need just a really basic html contact form to send an email to the contact with some requested info and cc the contact info to my email as well. I found this contact_form.html, css, js, and php online...
  8. GreyWolf

    Do you believe in Global Warming and Climate Change ?

    @Sristy, it's cool that you care about the planet. Moving to electric vehicles, electric stoves, etc. could be a good idea, but only if the power grid supplying the electricity is also green. It would do what you want if you are able to get hooked up to solar panels or other renewable energy...
  9. GreyWolf

    What this guy just did here ?

    Since it is a video review/usage guide I imagine the guy is just going through the steps of how to use scrapebox to search and find places to comment and where to put the text to comment about. But not going into details or recommendations about what actual content to post. Wouldn't expect to...
  10. GreyWolf

    YAHOO Sucks

    Yeah I thought of that too but, when I try to access the account it says "sorry we don't recognize this email", but if I try to sign up a new account it says "A Yahoo account already exists with this email address". That might mean its closed but isn't complety deleted yet but when I tried...
  11. GreyWolf

    YAHOO Sucks

    Like most other people here, I have made a LOT of email accounts over the years across a lot of different platforms and providers. A lot of them were set up for specific websites or business projects, and of course many others were set up just to sign up for things that will likely end up...
  12. GreyWolf

    Backlinks , Does it even matter ?

    I think you meant a paper written by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. That paper is still archived at . As far as the topic of this thread, it sounds like someone misread or misunderstood something written somewhere. SEO has changed over the years...
  13. GreyWolf

    Basic SEO practices for newbies:

    Well Keep in mind that this thread was started in 2010. The advice in the original post is fairly general and is therefore still a pretty good explanation of how to set up webpages with basic SEO in mind. Some of the specifics may have changed over time though, so it's good for people to...
  14. GreyWolf

    Tracking Number Required eBay DropShipping??

    And by confirmed payment he means 100% confirmed, and gone through the banks waiting period. That's the other MO of the Nigerian scams, the scammer will send what initially looks like a legitimate payment but after a week or two the banks will reverse it after determining it was some type of...
  15. GreyWolf

    Any ideas to monetize a basketball page?

    If you are concerned about that then just make sure to keep the advertising very targeted to the topic of your site, and don't overdo it as to how many ads per page and how much screen real estate is given over to advertising. As @BassTrackerBoats suggested being an affiliate for BB related...
  16. GreyWolf

    How to get shutterstock vectors for free?

    Man that actually isn't that complicated at all. You could just place the image onto an artboard and then use it as a reference. Basically just retrace it yourself using the pen tool, text tool, and shape tools. Then you could set the colors and gradients however you want. I think you...
  17. GreyWolf

    Would it be ok to start a business first before applying for your business license?

    Yeah, what Skyebug77 said pretty much explains it in a nutshell. For the most part selling anything online through websites like craigslist or ebay and the like is about the same as having a yardsale. If you make any money through affiliate marketing then the biggest legal requirement is...
  18. GreyWolf

    I think I messed up and wasted a year!

    I think you pretty much nailed your main problem when you described your niche as too general. Wow, "art\education\entertainment\fun", broad is an understatement. In a way you're right that a broad niche for a blog gives you ability to write on pretty much anything that interests you, but the...
  19. GreyWolf

    RIP Muhammad Ali - Just Passed Away Today 6/3/2016

    I'm actually old enough to remember when he was Cassius Clay. :) RIP Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)
  20. GreyWolf

    Can you put members download back in the left menu

    Yeah that's kind of weird huh. :) It looks like the Downloads link in the left column Main Menu is pointing to when it actually should be going to I'm sure...