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    Valid questions, could these be answered publicly as opposed to PM? A little transparency would be great.
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    Namecheap could be stealing from you.

    Damn, what a strange but convenient "issue".
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    Hire a lawyer immediately!
  4. Copax

    NFT/CRYPTO Email database

    Wrong forum.
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    Reddit is Fun

    Did they advise you on how to use a profile picture of two Indian girls called Palak & Kashvi but call yourself Angelina?
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    PC builders help needed: Corsair 8GB RAM stick (CML8GX3M2A1600C9) shows as 4GB, tested on every slot (Asus M51AC MOBO+Intel Core i7-4770)

    Where did you purchase the RAM stick? A legit source I assume? PS: Are you in a position to try it in another system or are you limited?
  7. Copax

    Is Pinterest traffic stable?

    I've dabbled with Pinterest in the past as some of the projects I worked on were largely tailored towards the female audience. Last time I checked Pinterest's traffic was approximately 75% female, so if you're product or service fits into that audience, it's a great place to start and the...
  8. Copax

    They asked for my ID to join an affiliate program

    Ensure the "affiliate manager" is in fact an employee of Finalto before proceeding. Were you contacted from an official source (ie: Email, phone?). As already mentioned, more and more affiliate platforms are embracing the KYC process to crack down on fraud, money laundering etc, which may...
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    I have an idea of a startup that can make millions

    How do you plan on advancing with no funding? Are you capable of developing the project yourself? Are you looking for seed/angel investment?
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    They asked for my ID to join an affiliate program

    What platform was the affiliate manager claiming to be working for?
  11. Copax

    I am from China, how can I make money on the Internet?

    With what is currently going on in China, I don't think that is the greatest advice in terms of personal safety. @cagetim Do you have any skills? Online experience? Any hobbies or interests you can turn into a money making venture?
  12. Copax

    Your GAMING Traffic/Social Media presence - My unique gaming product

    Hi folks, I very recently launched a unique, low-ticket product that will appeal to the vast majority of gamers. I've tested a few simple marketing methods over the past month or so and sold just over 100 units with minimal effort, now I'm looking to ramp things up. If you have the means or...
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    Andrew Tate?

    Andrew, is that you?
  14. Copax

    Andrew Tate?

    Neon pink, with a hint of jealousy.
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    Andrew Tate?

    12+ months ago I would agree, but it's quite literally his personality that sells his "products" (and I use that term loosely). His characteristics and behavior are marketing his shitty courses, viral videos, worldwide coverage. He's an idiot. And he knows it.
  16. Copax

    Andrew Tate?

    He's a misogynist narcissist that prays on people looking to "make it" in life. He is quite literally 95% of Warrior Forum but with personality and some basic marketing skills.
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    How to increase YouTube Video views rapidly

    :confused: You claimed you was facing a problem with "growth of visitors", hence the advice you was given? Good luck.
  18. Copax

    How to increase YouTube Video views rapidly

    You have only just surpassed 1k subscribers and struggling to grow, do you not frustrate your current subscriber base with annoying adverts.
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    a Low competition keyword with massive traffic found - How to monetize?

    A single keyword or long-tail? Rank it in major search engines. However if your traffic is from a "fairly poor third world country", I wouldn't expect a significant return on any investment.
  20. Copax

    How to increase YouTube Video views rapidly

    You want to advertise your channel or you want to implement ads into your videos?