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    interesting, here's the info
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    Could you elaborate more on this (very interested). How does giphy work with instagram?
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    Online business and taxes in Cyprus

    This sounds interesting. Maybe live in U.S. during summer and Puerto Rico during winter. Have two apartments. How much are taxes reduced this way?
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    What is Differences between bounce rate and pogo sticking ?

    What is an interaction? WeTake says pogo sticking is when the user later opens the next result. That seems off. I can see how maybe we can measure if the user interacted (scrolled, moved mouse).
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    Online business and taxes in Cyprus

    What does that look like? fly down and open a bank account? incorporate?
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    [GET] [FREE] Everything You Need to Raise Your First Round - AppSumo

    dead, just throw it up on s3 its cheap
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    Seed funding and venture capital - mind the gap.

    This is an interesting topic. Remember vc money isn't free. You are expected to pay it back and many companies have been forced to do things they wouldn't have done otherwise if they didn't have to pay the capitalists back their money. I'm only interested currently because I want to pay my team...
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    How do you guys test out products effectively?

    did you pay for custom domains?
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    The 7 Lessons I Learned From Spending $100K+ In Facebook Ads

    Check out their thread history I think the 2nd link is the dropshipping + instagram one
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    Aliexpress Alternates is the dumpster of the internet. wow.
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    Does anyone know the process of purchasing Authentic Nike Air Jordans for resale?

    Could you elaborate a bit on this? I might be able to run with it.
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    [Review] Dropshipping. Doesn't worth it for most of us.

    Are you building an email list in a particular niche here?
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    my mobile app journey [starting from rock bottom]

    what are you using admob for? what is your general strategy anyway? you seem to be making several apps but not describing what they are
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    Extra $100-$150 : WHAT WOULD YOU DO ?

    Are you sure? I thought jarvee was still working at low volumes.
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    my mobile app journey [starting from rock bottom]

    I just finished v1 of my app. I built it using react native and I'm currently trying to get apple to approve it. They are asking for things like a EULA and ways to flag user generated content (ugc). I'll definitely get my app approved. I'm currently brainstorming my next idea.
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    Hello altstacks

    Reading about how to make money online. I am u.s.a based and write software for a living. Feel free to reach out with ideas or questions about software and I'll see what I can do!
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    Best cloud service to storage app images ?

    Typically you use amazon s3 for storing binary data (images are binary data). It's the best solution imo.
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    whatsapp marketing

    what happens if you put "https://" before your url? most phones will recognize this as url and make it a link
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    Remove special characters from filenames

    This would be pretty easy with a small script.