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    SEO Expert will answer your questions

    I had previously ranked for several keywords with ease, having been among the first to write on the topic. But I had completely stopped updating my site for almost 2 years, and eventually, my posts sank to the bottom of the SERPs. I've written some new posts on the very same topics/keywords, but...
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    [FREE] 30 YouTube Channel Subscribers

    Count me in if it's still available
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    [FREE YouTube Subscribers] 100% REAL Users

    Still working? Count me in too
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    Growing my tech blog to $5,000 per month

    Interesting journey. This has motivated me to work on my tech blog. It used to make around $1500 per month last year, but I got lazy and didn't add any articles. It is now sitting at a mere $200 - 300 per month with no new content since September last year. Quick question: I am using adsense...
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    Link Pyramid 3.0 with HQ PBN 3 Tiers, 19 Platforms, 9123+ Backlinks from $5

    I just placed an order for a Basic package ($10). Order #SZ45151 Will order more if things go well.
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    Finally! Started Earning Full-Time Online

    Congratulations. I would love to know more about the offers you're promoting.
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    Super Easy To Rank CPA Websites – 100% Complete Sites Made For You!

    I'd like to get some samples please.
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    Link Pyramid 3.0 with HQ PBN 3 Tiers, 19 Platforms, 9123+ Backlinks from $5

    I placed an order for the $20 package via Paypal (Trans. ID: 0K495802FX8596635).
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    ★[20% Discount]100% Manually Niche Relevant blog Comment Service.High Quality Hand Made Comments.!★

    I got a review copy. The service is as described. The number of outbound links and comments on these blog posts is very little. As fas as blog comments go, I'd definitely recommend this service.
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    Amazon Affiliate Journey - Fresh Site to $5k/Month by Jan/2018

    Interesting. Is your website targeting a particular keyword/niche or are you targeting different unrelated keywords (like best toasters, best headphones, etc.)?
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    Would appreciate the IG followers. Sent you a PM.
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    $50/day Adsense Journey in 6 Months

    I'm currently making that amount ($50) per day from Adsense from one of my sites with around 15,000 pageviews per day. It's not much. But my CPC is extremely low as most of my visits are from mobile phones. I'm hoping to raise the earnings from this site to $100 per day within the next 3 months...
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    HELP: Request to like a FB photo for contest

    That was awesome. Thanks a ton. How do you +rep someone on BHW? Or is that feature no longer available?
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    HELP: Request to like a FB photo for contest

    Thanks man. He meant to compete as a joke. But 12 hours remaining into the competition, he didn't want to be the loser. So here we are.
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    HELP: Request to like a FB photo for contest

    I'm not sure if this is allowed. But my brother's in a contest to get the most likes on a selfie. The current winner stands at 1100 likes. My brother is at 280 likes. I'd appreciate it if you could show some love and please like the photo, url given below...
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    [ Giveaways ] 50000 Twitter Followers to 50 People

    Sounds awesome. Sent you a PM.
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    The problem with being a 'successful' IM.

    I can totally relate to this. I sometimes wish I had an office to go to, but I look at my corporate office-going friends and I don't particularly envy their life either. I sometimes have friends over, and that's fun, but you can't do that everyday. If things go as planned, I am thinking of...