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  1. Sansha Kuvakei

    *Amazing WordPress Website creation Service Including Affiliates - ad sense - eCommerce etc **

    Few quick questions: 1. Assuming I provide the license, do you work with thrive themes/theme builder? It is my preferred stack. 2. Would you be able to send some samples of a blog, as well as a local plumbing/hvac business website? Thank you very much
  2. Sansha Kuvakei

    SEO Optimized Wordpress Website Design at Low Price ✓Responsive✓Premium Design

    Few quick questions: 1. Do you work with thrive themes? (willing to provide the license) 2. Would you be able to send some samples of a blog, as well as a local plumbing/hvac business website? Thank you very much
  3. Sansha Kuvakei

    ✅✅Wordpress Web Development Service By✅✅Professional Designs and Responsiveness✅✅

    First question: I prefer to use my own plugin/theme stack, would you be amenable to that? Second: Are you able to work with Thrive Themes? Third: Please send samples for a personal blog and a plumbing/hvac local business site
  4. Sansha Kuvakei

    Aggressive Local SEO - Local Setup, Optimization & Manual Citation Service - Money Back Guarantee !!

    Review of Lucky's Services so far: I placed an order for the standard package (#84741DCF) for a client site. So far, Lucky and his team have done some high quality work, even going on to fix an error I had made myself with submitting info, redoing two images and a video due to a spelling...
  5. Sansha Kuvakei

    [JOURNEY] Blogging With Authority Site System + P24 Philosophies

    This is a really impressive dude, well done. What is your plugin stack looking like?
  6. Sansha Kuvakei

    It seems no one likes Zuckerberg

    There is one investment that has always been profitable since the dawn of civilization: Owning and renting houses and land. IM funds my rental portfolio. I see IM as a tool to obtain the needed capital to create passive wealth that isn't beholden to the tech giants. Besides, rent is always due...
  7. Sansha Kuvakei

    It seems no one likes Zuckerberg

    I do indeed. I diversify my investments beyond IM, as I see IM as relatively unstable as opposed to having a broad swath of investments in the broader market.
  8. Sansha Kuvakei

    [Experience] Do You Use Twitter Ads?

    Currently? No. Also, twitter is pretty solidly cracking down on bots right now. I may be wrong though. I manually work with twitter atm.
  9. Sansha Kuvakei

    Dropshipping Advice

    You can definitely do all of that, and still lose a few grand. It's sort of the price you pay to start building a brand, and dialing your audience if you don't already have a seed audience of emails to create a lookalike from. Part of the reason I've had that initial loss is because the product...
  10. Sansha Kuvakei

    Dropshipping Advice

    I currently have a dropshipping venture I am working on, and I'll admit to you that it is much more difficult than many would like to admit. My costs are a little different though, as I'm dealing in physical product made and shipped from the Midwest. My advice to you is be prepared to lose a...
  11. Sansha Kuvakei

    Best Landing Page builder!

    I personally really like Thrive Architect, it loads really fast for me. While I definitely agree that the most optimal solution is custom coded landers, not everyone has the time, or inclination to learn to code.
  12. Sansha Kuvakei

    [Experience] Do You Use Twitter Ads?

    I've tried a few Twitter ads, and was not terribly impressed. Unless you are using UTM parameters, you will have a difficult time measuring ROI from twitter. The thing is, Twitter is more useful for brand awareness and engagement. I can't recall exactly where, but a year ago there was a study...
  13. Sansha Kuvakei

    Facebook Ads Manager Capped at $50/day

    I have also experienced this as well. Ramping up the ad-spend slowly is also a good tactic. How big of a budget are you wanting to put behind Facebook ads?
  14. Sansha Kuvakei

    Hi, new at this - what's the value of buying twitter impressions on SMMs?

    The argument that is made in the case of twitter is that it is really helpful for general brand awareness. Putting money behind a tweet also tends to help it gain more engagement, which in turn can mean more followers, helping organic down the line. However, the big issue is that it can be...
  15. Sansha Kuvakei

    It seems no one likes Zuckerberg

    It's easy to hate Zucks because of his obvious lizard brain, but I don't really have an issue with the guy. Despite taking advantage of situations as they presented themselves, he created a successful empire. As an innovator, and savvy CEO, I respect him. As a person? I'd want nothing to do...
  16. Sansha Kuvakei

    ⚡⚡ Improve Your Google Rankings With Aggressive SEO ✅ Foundation Links✅ Quality Content Creation ✅Diversified High DA Links❤️Reviews & Case Studies❤️

    Hey @luckyman just a reminder to send me an eCommerce related case study. I've yet to receive it in my inbox.
  17. Sansha Kuvakei

    Journalistic Guest Post Outreach: INC, Huffington, Forbes, Moz & More: Rank Monster

    List and price please. Looking at ecommerce in the food niche