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  1. Takoona

    Indian Number 1

    Israel Number 1. Any explanation for that?
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    [FREE] 1000+ Website Social Signals from Pinterest

    Count me in. Thanks.
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    Received my review copy. Order was completed very quickly, and the report is very nicely laid out. I asked for mostly Facebook shares, but also got a Twitter link thrown in, which was a nice touch. Good service.
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    [Free $3 Balance] - Social Signals ✅Review our panel ✅Order & Review our Social Signals ✅Must review in 72 Hours!

    I received my free $3 balance. Panel is OK, but it does not have the option to allow the user to choose specifically what social signals they want. Social sites list is not visible on the panel at all. Not that I could find anyway.
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    Indexing query.

    Submit individual posts to the Google index, share the links on social media and give it some time. Many sites are experiencing indexing issues right now.
  6. Takoona

    Why is my site not showing up in google?

    Give it some more time to settle. As always, there's a lot going on with Google. Many websites are reporting yoyo-like fluctuations in Google Search at the moment. Nothing seems very stable.
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    Any Good Indexing Service Working?

    Thanks for the recommendation. I just signed up.
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    ███►CRAWLING.WEBSITE◄███ Get Your Web Properties Crawled & Indexed ✅✅✅ FREE Crawling For Everyone!

    I just signed up for a free trial to test the service. Username: Takoona Thank you.
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    The vaccine is rolling out

    Another one bites the dust. RIP.
  10. Takoona

    The vaccine is rolling out

    I think we are starting to see why mRNA vaccines have never been approved by the FDA before.
  11. Takoona

    The vaccine is rolling out

    Just another coincidence I'm sure.
  12. Takoona

    The vaccine is rolling out

    Fake Vaccination: Apologies if this has already been posted.
  13. Takoona

    The vaccine is rolling out

    Just a coincidence of course.
  14. Takoona

    The vaccine is rolling out

    I'm sorry, but anything from our world in data is void when you take a look at who they are funded by. "Our World in Data is supported by grants from the Department of Health and Social Care in the United Kingdom, a grant from the German entrepreneur, businesswoman and philanthropist Susanne...
  15. Takoona

    The vaccine is rolling out

    Yes, but due to the fact that this is the fastest produced vaccine in history, and vaccines usually take many years to perfect (and even then still have high adverse effects), I would definitely err on the side of caution. Also, if these adverse reactions were just coincidence, and the vaccine...
  16. Takoona

    The vaccine is rolling out

    Just a heads up. For all those who want to know the health risks associated with this new mRNA vaccine, here is the list of potential health issues you may face after taking the vaccine: FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccines : DRAFTWorking list of possible adverse event...
  17. Takoona

    The vaccine is rolling out

    Did they really get the vaccine though. Or was it a saline solution that the leaders took. We don't know for sure. Leaders rushing to get "vaccinated" could be looked at as a high-level "influencer" scare tactic. As in, the main stream media show someone who has power and influence taking the...
  18. Takoona

    How I Made $1500 on Clickbank With a $0 Investment

    Just to post the correct way in case people read my comment and pull their hair out, confused with wildcard redirection. I've just been looking at how you are redirecting the sub domains, and its not through wildcard, it's just a basic redirect for each separate sub domain created. I like this...
  19. Takoona

    How I Made $1500 on Clickbank With a $0 Investment

    So the general domain has no content or website, and you use wildcards to serve as the redirects for the subdomains?