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  1. Mkl

    Fiverr lawsuit

    Hey guys, I was doing some testing with Fiverr and gig ranking. I noticed that a lot of people are doing review exchange. I got myself one review for my gig (but I did it in more sophisticated way so it is not looking suspicious). Is there a possibility that Fiverr can file a lawsuit over some...
  2. Mkl

    University Level Writing For a Fraction of the Cost | Royalty Free Images | Yoast Optimized

    I am impressed with the quality service they're providing. I ordered e-book creation for lead gen and the final results turned out exactly as I wanted them to be :)
  3. Mkl

    How many Billionaires do we’ve on Bhw?

    Millionaires and Billionaires wouldn’t be spending time on forum.
  4. Mkl

    Looking for E-book writer

    Hey, I am looking for someone who can write an e-book for me. Content of the e-book would be about Facebook Fan Page optimization, Facebook Ads for business and preparing your website before advertising. The e-book would contain around 6 pages, a standard set of words on every page. I am willing...
  5. Mkl

    I Never Earned More in My Life, and Never Felt Worse

    Have you tried speaking to a friend about this?
  6. Mkl

    I am going to change BHW theme to white

    Make sure to wear protective glasses lol
  7. Mkl

    Accounts for m/s

    How are you creating accounts for m/s? Do you create them trough proxy, if so how are you doing it on VPS?
  8. Mkl

    Cleaning Teeth

    Lounge has become much more interesting
  9. Mkl

    Are you fear of corona virus?

    Conspiracy theories are getting out of the hand, and it makes people go crazy. There may be some truth in them, but it's waaay overblown. I don't watch media, scroll trough Instagram, reddit etc. I'm making sure to make the best out of this time by focusing on my projects, spending time with...
  10. Mkl

    Journey To $2,500,000 By Building Two Brands And Trading

    Seems like you planned this well, wish you persistence! :)
  11. Mkl

    Fake emails for m/s

    Hey, I recently purchased aged IG accounts with Russian emails. I am wondering if those new emails contain some Russian name and surname can it be illegal (identity fraud)?
  12. Mkl

    Anybody who got sued for Instagram botting?

    I am just getting bored and curious, do you know anybody who got sued by Instagram for botting? :p
  13. Mkl

    Finally earned first $90

    Congrats, keep it going!
  14. Mkl


    Engagement groups are not useful with Instagram action limit. Post content consistently, make sure you are not using saturated hashtags. Be patient and persistent and results will come.
  15. Mkl

    Dude's Journey to 1000$ per day

    Good luck OP, I am going to follow this thread :)
  16. Mkl

    hello everyone

    Nice to meet you
  17. Mkl

    My journey to stop contacting my ex-girlfriend and get over it

    Fuck her, it’s hard I know. Eventually will get better. Try doing some meditation. If you have close friends talk to them about your problems.
  18. Mkl

    One Million $ in 2$2$

    I was just playing with you bro, take it easy ;)