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    Ai is blaming that I am not a human.

    I am a content writer and I write content for my clients as per their requirement. I tried a few Ai writer, but client said they don't want Ai content no matter what Google says about it. Hence I am writing only by myself. A few days ago, I heard about a few Ai writing detectors that help...
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    How can I turn $200 into $400?

    Invest that 200 in a PayPal Money generator.
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    How is this possible?

    Search on Google: "Top Reasons why your CRM software needs a cleanup." The first two results have exact same content and ranking for past 1 year! Both articles are word to word same. #1 published on 8 Aug 21 and #2 published on 4 Jan 21. Wondering how is it possible that Google didn't take any...
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    Finaly upgraded

    Now we're waiting for 'yes pro max'
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    How to earn your first $1000?

    Below is the step-by-step process. You can follow it or create a course around it and sell. 1. Get a skill related to internet marketing. 2. Provide that skill to a few people in exchange for testimonials. 3. Create a website to showcase your portfolio. 4. Get active on social media and share...
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    Another friendly reminder to not use PayPal ❤️❤️❤️

    The same thing happened to me. I think PayPal sees us as beggars. They think we can't have increased revenue in our business.
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    Local SEO Agency Scaling [JOURNEY]

    Cold emails are not uncommon in B2B businesses. In fact, businesses are always on the look for new opportunities. For B2C, the response rate might be lower. I would suggest hiring a copywriter or spending some time writing the email copy. Prepare like 4-5 good email copies and test, which one...
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    Hosting & Domain For 5$ Budget !?

    You can purchase a domain for $5 or less for a year with promotional offers on Sh*tDaddy, Hostinger, and Namecheap. For hosting, Namecheap is offering EasyWP free hosting for 1 month. Else, you can look at, googiehost, or 000webhost for free hosting.
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    Suggest me a laptop

    I need a laptop for work while traveling. My work is light - Chrome, Docs, Sheets, Drive, and Canva. I already have a windows laptop that is working fine. But it's heavy and gives only 1 hour of battery backup. Now I want something which is lightweight and gives longer battery life. It should be...
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    Why someone can't earn money no matter what?

    All the three were my mistakes that costed me 4-5 precious years.
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    Get Premium SEO Tool Semrush - Totally for FREE!!

    I use a similar seo group buy service (not this one), they also have all services on subdomains. Although they asked me to install a custom Chrome plugin developed by them.
  12. AllyBarns

    Get Premium SEO Tool Semrush - Totally for FREE!!

    To all who are asking, what's the catch. This is from a group buy service noxtools. They sell other SEO and writing tools as well. So they are doing this for promotion. So that people buy their other services. Look at the url.
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    Keyword research tool for Hindi

    Unbersuggest will do the work
  14. AllyBarns

    Why do we say that people work like a dog?

    My eyes are open now. This question itself is either an illusion or pathway to enlightenment.
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    Anyone else finds NEIL PATEL cringy ??

    Neil Patel in a youtube video suggests to use Ai writer to write fast!
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    I am Lost [Help]

    You are at the right place. This place is filled with highly motivated, disciplined, and skilled people. When I first came here, I was lost too and in the same position as you. Read my intro here: When I started, I didn't...
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    How to respond when clients says " Your pricing is too much" ?

    Send them a hand sketched picture of monalisa along with real picture of monalisa. And tell - you get what you pay.
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    ░▒▓ ▓▒░ [CHEAP-AF] ✅SEMRUSH Guru($7) ✅JASPER.AI($7) ✅SurferSEO Basic($7) ✅CANVAPRO($7) ✅Moz($7)

    I received Jasper Ai account within a few hours of requesting it. Got a separate email and password for the account. Everything is working fine. Thanks, for the review copy.
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    Shitlist Against @thetraveller

    These scammers are using old accounts which they bought from somewhere.