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    Need a yt watchtime provider

    Not all channels have this. Not really. I don't think anyone here is trying to get $1 a month. You also need to remember that if someone is visiting a channel for the first time and your video has little views, if they get an ad, there is a decent chance that they will decide to click off the...
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    Does Botting Help Grow Your Channel or Does It Ruin It?

    Exactly! Its hard to know if a "shadowban" exists when all of these people claiming to be shadowbanned because their video didn't perform as well as they thought. It can also increase rankings if done right though
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    Welcome to BlackHatWorld! :D
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    iptv newbie

    You should post a thread about it in My Journey Discussions
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    Hello , Seyej is here

    Glad you are here :)
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    How to earn 10$ in 2 hour?

    Let us know how it goes :)
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    Does Botting Help Grow Your Channel or Does It Ruin It?

    There is no way to prove someone watched a video for X long though so if you are asking for 5 minute retention, a like, and comment. You will probably receive a lot of 20 second likes and comments.
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    Does Botting Help Grow Your Channel or Does It Ruin It?

    It depends on the SMM and service but really, most SMM panels are horrible for SEO.
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    From 0 to 1 000 000$ in 2 years

    Good luck, be sure to update us :)
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    [Journey] Faceless YouTube Channels to 15k/Month

    This is interesting, good luck! :D
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    Hello All, Big plans ahead.

    Welcome to BlackHatWorld. You should start a journey in the My Journey Discussions sub forum :)
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    What can I do with unused paypal money?

    You could pay me ;)
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    midjourney is the best

    I agree, considering how small the company is, its surprising their images are so much better than DALLE 2's images.
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    Does Botting Help Grow Your Channel or Does It Ruin It?

    You are totally correct. You explained that in an interesting way lol :)
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    Is it possible to start make money with $100 now?

    You could start making money with $0, the methods just may be different. Take a look at the Money Making sub forum, you should find some methods that will work for you. It may just take awhile to find the methods. Good luck! :)
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    [BETA TEST] Free Service - Premium Responsive Website Design and Development

    If you are still looking for people, my dms are open. :)
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    Hey, everyone

    Welcome to BlackHatWorld! :D
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    How long do you typically take to monetize your channels?

    Their question was how fast does it usually take to meet those requirements. Restating the requirements does not answer the question lol. Personally it took me a few years, and maybe a year from when I started focusing on reaching the monetization goal. It depends on your niche, how long your...