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    How to Notify new Facebook Group Members

    and more advices to reach more members?
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    How to Notify new Facebook Group Members

    I own a Facebook Group with over 35k members in a certain niche. I also have a Youtube channel about this niche, promoting my course. But many FB group members dont know me and my course. Whats the best way to get the attention of every new FB group member?
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    Checkout, redirecting to a new site (PHP)

    I need a solution (probably php). I need a fast redirection from to newsite/ EXAMPLE: Buyer purchase a service on and adds items and checkout. After chooseing the payment method and clicking on ''place order'', I want to have a redirection (in...
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    Auto-Message New Group Members on Facebook

    Hey I am the admin of a 25k member FB group...and I think many of the new members don't know my Youtube videos. What can I do to inform as many as possible new group members? Ive hard there you can make a automatic welcome post and tag new members. But I want something more personal, best would...
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    Payment process for card payments

    Hey I do sell followers/likes etc for 7 years, I got limited by PayPal 2-3 times. Currently we have no paypal account. Only a russian card processor and many clients cant pay (cards get declined). Stripe & other big ones suspend me after a few days because they dont allow this business. Some...
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    Need a payment processor (card payments) for SMM

    We sell social media services (Followers etc) for 6 years. 1. We had PayPal Business over the years and it worked but currently 3 accounts are limited. And Paypal can detect us very fast now, sometimes after 1 week the account is disabled. We changed the domain a few times. 2. We used Stripe...
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    I pay for an woocommerce /payment gateway expert

    Hey I am ready to pay you $25 for the following: I have a small woocommerce based e-commerce store (Selling Followers/views). PayPal limited my business account again, money frozen probably because they found out what we sell. Stripe/2Checkout and other big ones didnt approve us. Though I heard...
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    Scaling up Twitter with mass accounts

    what What do you recommend? under no circumstances I can risk my 2 home ip twitter accounts with totaL 500k real targeted followers... Currently I use a 2nd Domain on 100 twitter proxy accounts and some get blocked but most of them stay ( Have to buy a few more every month for compensation)...
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    Scaling up Twitter with mass accounts

    Ok but Twitter wont recognize that on my second domain a button goes to my first domain right. It would maybe recognize it if it was auto-redirected.
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    Scaling up Twitter with mass accounts

    I use 2 Twitter Accounts (both 2013) with Home IP and 500,000 real followers and my website link connected. Never had problems. I also use 100 twitter proxy accounts with a software to scale up my business. Of course I didnt put the same link on the profiles as I dont want Twitter to eventually...
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    ★WebeMax Design & Development Services★ SalesThread, Wordpress ,PHP ,eComm ,Logo at Affordable Price

    I need a 3-5 site web agency (wordpress if possible)...are texts included? it needs to be responsive. Can u show me an example of a web agency site? (we have good traffic and want to resell services) It should have ''home'', ''about us'', ''portfolio'' ''our services'' and maybe...
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    Install a Newsletter to maximize income?

    Hey I have a social media services e-commerce store. I get around 150 visitors/day of my niche and never used a Newsletter in my life, which is a BIG MISTAKE. Now I wanna change it. What do you recommend? People mostly wont subscribe to the newsletter except they get a FREE GIVEAWAY or a...
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    Need a email scraper extension for auto email save

    Hey In the past I had a scraper but I dont find it anymore. For example, I go to a Twitter page followers and then simply scroll down and this wonderful extension email scraper just saves all emails and then I can export it. It was so wonderful...I could save hundreds of emails fast... Pls...
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    Hide the real product title for PayPal (Cheat)

    No sir! I dont talk about the limitation with the money limit or first 21 days. I talk about 180 days money completely frozen. Thats the limitation I am talking about. My history is verey good, chargeback rate far below 1%....10k monthly sales and all safe. Though I got limited again. Money...
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    Hide the real product title for PayPal (Cheat)

    Hello I have a SMM e-commerce store for years. To work with PayPal I always have to create new business accounts and change domain etc because PayPal tends to limit merchants paypal accounts that sell followers, views or likes. I have a woocommerce based store. 1. People checkout on...
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    Credit Card payment provider for SMM businessHELP

    I need a payment provider for card payments like Stripe. I sell SMM services making a good amount of sales. Stripe doesn't accept SMM services and won't approve my business model. I heard there are ways to bypass this (Premium DNS, a masking site and redirection: my site -> masking site...
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    which IP for new paypal account (old pp acc limited)

    Ok what is the BEST solution? seriously... which proxies exactly to buy to register/use new paypal business account? (Singapore) yes I have static home IP...cant use that and mobile internet isnt that too risky?
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    which IP for new paypal account (old pp acc limited)

    where exactly can I get them?another guy told me to use vpn
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    How to send out 100k+ emails at the same time?

    I ask too: I want to send thousands of emails every day....I scrape the emails from social accounts from people of my niche. How to set it up and what is the costs?
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    which IP for new paypal account (old pp acc limited)

    pls help I am desperate