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    Offshore Hosting & Domain Name Question

    Plenty of offshore hosting providers with option for 100% domain anonymity . Sure you will pay some extra nuts but I guess privacy have a price.
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    Port 25 Opened VPS

    - Of course, as we have all our IPs clean like a virgin tear . We have absolutely zero SPAM tolerance . - Quite boring ... samples /Cheers
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    Port 25 Opened VPS

    Most offshore hosting providers have all ports open (note: Offshore != SPAM) Alex have great reputation around, of course you can check the Marketplace
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    Can you be more specific? What you mean with "platform"? Company? Hosting Type?
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    Looking for Hosting Suggestions for PHP heavy Websites?

    It doesn't matter which provider will choice but what hardware he will offer you. You are looking for at least VPS with multiple cores of over 3Ghz each and of course SSD with over 500Mb/s R/W speed and you should be fine. Keep on mind that bad coded php scripts or stoneage versions always...
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    Looking to host a video-streaming website

    Rule #1.. never go with shared hosting for Movie streaming / Adult streaming and whatever streaming websites. Shared hosting is not for that and not only you will lack performance but you risk to have your host limited. For ~5k users your best bet is VPS . VPS + Web Panel like Webuzo Panel and...
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    Dedicated IP VS dedicated server VS cdn

    Talk to your host and ask them what they can do to speed up your website. In regards VPS and the techy part.. Trust me.. nowadays there is nothing easier with all these userfriendly panels :)
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    Port 25 Opened VPS

    Just look for providers who are providing complete freedom. I would recommend to contact them and ask if they will allow your activity :) Anyway, your problem with Hotmail/Yahoo/Outlook is not related to the port but your IP reputation/ your domain reputation and finally your configurations :)
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    CYBERHOUR.COM ✅Premium WP Hosting you can TRUST!✅ Anonymous ✅Crypto Accepted✅ AMD EPYC CPUs ✅ ALL SSD✅ Best SLA on BHW!✅ Made in EU[BG] ...

    - Yes our WP Hosting solution include Webuzo Panel Premium for free. - Send DM please Regards /Stephan
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    Hostgator took down all my sites - Automated TOS/CPU : Blocked

    The mentioned website is 100% compromised. One more question for you before I bail, does every hosting provider behave the same way? So you exceed your CPU usage and they just suspend you and shut you down? - Pretty much yes. They could solve that with Cloudlinux which allows better...
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    Any Free VPN Offer Available ?

    Here are my 2c! You don't want to use free VPNs or any VPN that you can find on "affiliate" website.
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    Can Wordpress plug-ins be used on coded sites?

    There are number of things to check - Plugins verions - Plugins supported PHP version - Theme supported PHP version ( If all support the newest PHP version then check if you are running on that PHP version (v8+)) - optimize your php.ini - You are not mentioning but I guess you have install...
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    You are aware that we can say that for you right? Right?
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    How much debt do you have?

    debt free BUT if your income is > of your debt then you better not paying it off as the % is lower than the early inflation anyway = saving money :D
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    Are NFTs giving bad impression about crypto to masses ?

    Far from it.. As of now is just a money laundering scheme.. (Ignoring the average joe artist and his arts for 50$)
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    Over 99% of people selling SEO sevices do not know SEO!

    I didn't manage to read the first post ..good that you start using paragraphs and other replies helped me to understand the topic :) (Thank you guys!) In regards... Nop, you are not lazy you are just disrespectful. Period. And yes.. everyone is a GURU nowadays. From SEO to Trading.
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    Just contact the support and stop blaming your "CHEAP but BEST provider"
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    Exit all crypto market, the biggest dump of all time is coming

    Warning (trying to protect others ) = you are telling them to not buy. Anyway, personally was too naive and had invest big in multiple masternode coins aka scams. Like PAWS Funds which was supposed to help animals . I love animals especially dogs... So I burnet a lot of money in there. But...
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    Exit all crypto market, the biggest dump of all time is coming

    I never supported purchases at 60+ but honestly the current price is cheap . Anything between 30-40k is good and not that risky compared to the risk buying 60+ :) So we agree here. But for me stupid money = addicted retailers lacking financial education. Buying tops is not that bad especially...
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    Exit all crypto market, the biggest dump of all time is coming

    You should check the order books. Even if you come with 10Billions there aren't much Bitcoins for sale. Of course MC doesn't mean liquidity. You need close to same amount of MC in liquidity to have a stable price. "Dumb money" .. ok now I understand.. better change the author