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    Interesting, Mind Freshness And Challenge IQ Test!

    I am sorry but this test is pure BS. It is full of irrelevant facts. It doesn't really measure your intelligence. Just a few examples: 13 STRIPES IN THE UNITED STATES FLAG - I am not from the USA, I have never lived in the USA and I couldn't care less how many stripes are in their flag 18 HOLES...
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    TumbleForce - ULTIMATE Tumblr Marketing Suite - Mass Content Generation, Reblogging...

    I want to thank TumbleForce support for helping me out and wasting so much time with me. They got the best support ever. Now the software is working great. Thanks.
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    TumbleForce - ULTIMATE Tumblr Marketing Suite - Mass Content Generation, Reblogging...

    I got a major problem. I just bought tumbleforce and it seems a great software with all features I want but nothing works for me. I tried post Queue - it doesn't work, I tried normal post - it doesn't work, I tried reblog - doesn't work and following doesn't work too. I think I am doing...
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    Why you shouldn't use any method you find on this site... Listen to my story.

    Your diablo method is neither unique nor unheard of. It was discussed in great detail in the specialized diablo 3 forums and there were even clickbank products about it. Also there are AH bots since may. I myself was runing a few farming and some ah bots and made some good cash (that's why I was...
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    Can I put the clickbank merchant as a displayed url on Adcenter?

    Many people are doing redirects and get away with it. I see one guy in my niche doing it for more than a month already. I am not sure if he uses the same account ( or gets banned and creates new accounts) but he is always there and in the top 3 always. He does a redirect to a clickbank product.
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    Ads pending review for 5 days

    You need to add a cc and a good one. I heard some people who say that they can do it with coupons only but I haven't seen such account working.
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    Anyone knows Bulgarian and Romanian?

    I am Bulgarian. I can help you.
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    common sense about the services for sale?

    You can never be sure if a service works even it has many testimonials. Google changes things very often and what worked yesterday may not work today. You must do this like with every other investment. Don't spent money you can't afford to lose and hope for the best.
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    Regarding that 50-free accs giveaway

    Thanks a lot. I received the details and registerd my account. You are a very nice man.
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    Case Study - ALN RANKBLASTERS - Just bought one package, follow the results

    A little update. The seller suggested to spread it over 7 days because the domain is new and could cause problems if blasted too fast. So I listen to him and will drip it over 7 days.
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    Case Study - ALN RANKBLASTERS - Just bought one package, follow the results

    I am doing a test on my own on a brand new EMD microniche site. It has no previous link building done and is ranking number 17 at the moment. Only difference I am using this service...
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    Cheapest ALN BLAST - Copyscape Pass Contents - High Index Rate - Amazing Result

    Purchased for brand new domain to test it out. I hope it goes good.
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    Guaranteed $100K per year or full refund!

    Over-hyped! There could be some interesting info but I suspect this course will be a collection of already known methods. The good thing is you can ask for your money back.
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    13 year old Journey to 5$/day

    Next step = 5 years old journeys. These threads are already becoming ridiculous...
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    Case Study - ALN RANKBLASTERS - Just bought one package, follow the results

    I am also interested in this case study. I got some micro niches I want to rank. I hope this service is as good as Bobbylove says. I also want to know how long will the result last if no further backlinking is done.
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    Please Review My Blog Website -

    Domain is not very good because it includes a trade mark and microsoft could come and seize it at any time. These domain names are good for fast hit and run methods. If you plan to go long term you'd better come with unique domain name which doesn't include any trade marks.
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    adfly twitter and facebook working together?

    adfly is crap no matter where you post it. I used to send them 10k+ visits per day from twitter, they count less than 1000 ... There are better ways to monetize that traffic
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    Need Advice On NEW Traffic Sources That WORK, Help is appreciated.

    So you got an offer and want to drive traffic to it? You can try twitter for fast traffic. Tweet attacks - wait and reply function can bring you lots of traffic. I don't know what is your offer so I can not tell if this traffic will convert. Other method is viral facebook pages. Search the forum...
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    Let Me Review Your Services or Software

    Really? Asking for random review copies? Are you that desperate ?
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    AdSense just BANNED me! What do I do now??

    Where did you buy the traffic from? $700 seems like a lot for paid traffic and in a few days. Even with $1 cpc you must have gotten 1000+ click to your adsense.