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  1. qazqaz

    My autoblog site with good metrics gets low traffic

    Wp Automatic plugin does all the job perfectly. If the source site article writings are well, translations come out great. Well, it takes time to rank but eventually they rank. But the traffic comes from first page, so I need to rank higher. I'm going to collect ranked pages and try modify...
  2. qazqaz

    My autoblog site with good metrics gets low traffic

    Automated content. Gets articles from some other sites' RSS, translate and publish. Well, it's working for a long time, but I have some other sites that never rank. Getting social media traffic is so hard in these times too. Yes, I think this is the best solution. Cause most of the pages...
  3. qazqaz

    How to make £1,000 a month every month

    I hope OP doesn't expose Follow/Unfollow trick for growing social media accounts...
  4. qazqaz

    [Journey] From 100$/day to 200$/day passive income using free traffic

    Inspiring journey. After read your answers these are the pin points: - With your own bot on social media - 300 plus accounts - free traffic - organic growth I think you don't want to give specific details but the questions of mine: - Which social network mostly: Instagram? Tiktok? -...
  5. qazqaz

    SEMrush goes public

    They have great revenue numbers which I can't imagine that an seo tool can achieve. Current ARR - $144.2MM Total capital raised: $37MM 2019 Revenue: 92.1MM 2019 Net: -$10.2MM (loss) 2020 Revenue: $124.9MM 2020 Net: -$7MM (loss) Source here...
  6. qazqaz

    My autoblog site with good metrics gets low traffic

    I have 5 years old autoblog site This is the Ahrefs metrics: I think it's not so bad for an autoblog site. But the daily traffic is just between 100-200 unique hits. Not getting higher or lower. Mostly organic Google, Bing, yahoo traffic. My other autoblog site is getting 50-60 daily hits...
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    Please Pm me about AWS RDP/VPS Free Tier and Google Cloud accounts
  8. qazqaz

    ██ Complete Amazon Affiliate Websites I Native Content I Paid Themes & Plugins I Starts @ $18 ██

    Can you send me samples and discount also bulk site packages like 10 Amazon sites.
  9. qazqaz

    Need Help Selling Spotify Premium/Netflix/Disney+ Accs

    Is there "lifetime" accounts on these platforms?
  10. qazqaz

    Jr. VIP Changed Everything For Me !!

    In Jr VIP, is it easy to find freelancer jobs? Or Jr VIP only content/techniques on BHW are so valuable? I want to understand the real value in it
  11. qazqaz

    Buy VCC - Prepaid Visa Card, Paypal VCC, MasterCard and Trial VCC

    Does your VCCs work on Google Cloud $300 credit starting? They started to want credit card photos to confirm on last months. Anyone experienced?
  12. qazqaz

    10 Free Shopify Stores Giveaway

    I don't know how to close a thread. Can an moderator help me to close this thread?
  13. qazqaz

    10 Free Shopify Stores Giveaway

    Got the msgs. I'll return to you
  14. qazqaz

    10 Free Shopify Stores Giveaway

    You can PM me this info: Your email, store name and store niche (fashion, tech, sport etc.)
  15. qazqaz

    10 Free Shopify Stores Giveaway

    I'm planing to start a Shopify store builder service. And I want to test how to handle the process. So, I want to giveaway 10 stores to BHW members. You can use to sell products, or your service or dropshipping with free Shopify apps. I'm going to need this info: Your email, store name and...
  16. qazqaz

    Upwork getting started (my experience)

    My problem with the Upwork is buying connects. When you're trying to find lower level $10-$20 jobs, that means you need money. So, that is hard to spend $50 first and find low level jobs that just break even. Do anyone have any idea to get free connects or any tricks to buy more with less money?
  17. qazqaz

    How to withdraw money from stealth PayPal accounts and dispose it legally

    Nope, it's verified. I read Upwork forum. People says it seems credit card but it takes from your paypal balance. But about Upwork, they just terminated my new Upwork account. So, end of the story.