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  1. s0heyl

    Best winning product search method?

    Dannaa is right , marketing and selling skill is far more important than the actual product i think you can run a good business if you know how to sell. Beauty , skin care , Homcare and also pets are my two favorite niches , search among these products.
  2. s0heyl

    ✅SOCIAL MEDIA VERIFICATION✅ Instagram & Facebook + More ✅

    Could you respond to order number #E8887395 they said i must wait till you answer yourself.
  3. s0heyl

    SMM Panel

    They don't do custom panels or targeted accounts
  4. s0heyl

    SMM Panel

    I need a custom SMM Panel that has these features if you know any person that can develope these please tell me .;) Features : 50K Iranian/persian Custom instagram accounts with ( profile , bio , post ,accounts must be private) Panel can send These accounts as followers , likes or random...
  5. s0heyl

    How to get more traffic for your store?

    I don't know anyone to do this if you know some1 introduce me to them plz. its kinda low quality traffic from social media I'm trying to do this do you know a good learning source to learn from? I'm currently using youtube but there are many strategies and none of them are look like each other...
  6. s0heyl

    How to get more traffic for your store?

    I bought blog post and SEO package my site is new lets see how this works. and ill keep this thread updated. how can i create better ads on Facebook i watched and learn many techniques on Youtube but most of them are trying to sell courses to me !o_O if you know good channel please show me ...
  7. s0heyl


    My order for my newly setup store, looking forward to getting great results, also they have good support and sarkar give me advice before buying the package and showed me the right package. Ordered Captain Jack’s black pearl VIII: Transaction ID: 0DH861283S2944258
  8. s0heyl

    How to get more traffic for your store?

    Hi im recently opened Shopify website, i tried all the thing that I know to get traffic and sales, but still hasn't got 1 so I have few questions that may you can answer it for me , I already done 30$ on Facebook ads, bought 5 dollars of traffic in BHW market place T I know it's not much...
  9. s0heyl | SMMPANEL | Spotify | Instagram | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter & 500+ Other services

    would like tot est our services , Username : s0heyl
  10. s0heyl

    - The SMM Panel for Providers & Resellers! ✅

    im interested in review copy username : s0heyl
  11. s0heyl

    ✅SOCIAL MEDIA VERIFICATION✅ Instagram & Facebook + More ✅

    I have questions for my customers verification should I post here or contact you one ticket on website ?
  12. s0heyl

    Wikipedia, Editorials, Outreach & More⭐

    I have customer that wants wikipedia page and your services can we discuss it , give me a skype or direct
  13. s0heyl

    STRANGE Instagram bug !

    I have instagram with nearly 75K followers 2 months ago i got thretened by some guy that said he will hack my instagram acc.:devil: So i turned on 2 step Verification And choose strong password but since then . Every 5 6 days, i get your account is compromised error. I didnt share my...
  14. s0heyl

    Is automation dead?

    Its risky , some bots are still working but , you will easily get action blocked time to time. And sometimes you should do verification and your page become unavailable until verification is done.
  15. s0heyl

    Problem in gerting VERIFIED !

    Do you know any PR agency or journalist that can help me with this ?
  16. s0heyl

    Problem in gerting VERIFIED !

    Hi, one of my customers has a instagram account with 1.1 milion followers, she want to get verified on instagram and im doing this for her,she is an makup artist which teaches makup techniques , this is 4th time that we tried for the verification by passport and we had no luck,:( what we do...
  17. s0heyl

    New domain or subdomain

    What about seo and traffic if both sites are in a same domain they will get doubled traffic right ?
  18. s0heyl

    New domain or subdomain

    Hi , i have social media agency , and i have .agency domain for it , currently my site is active and running , now i want to start a e learning business under my my brand. So i have question that ia for e learning site should i buy new domain like .academy domain or its better to use subdomain...