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    When did you move out?

    i was 19
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    .info Domains

    infos can rank pretty good but need in my experience always for about 3-5 months until google lets them in top100 . But after that time they are as good as any other domain ending
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    GD Star Rating Wordpress Plugin Tipps

    nobody :( i think many here would be interested how to create such a review site using this free plugin ^^ please help!
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    GD Star Rating Wordpress Plugin Tipps

    Hi, does anybody has any experience with this plugin. It has great potential and can do everything the expensice Review Plugins can do. But its free to download. Only the support costs a lot of money. This is because the plugin is really complicated to use. Basically i want to have a...
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    Blackhat tools: budget $1000

    Traffic Travis is awesome, but i think the free version is engough :)
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    Does anbody know of a good time management program

    i think the action machine is quite amazing, should be shared anywhere here
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    Competing with Fiverr: A long story just begin

    i think this could work but there are just a few things you should consider: At first i invest 4 dollar on your page to get a new logo done because yours is ugly! sry no offense... It just doesnt look very trustfull. And thats the second point. I think the great success of fiverr and the...
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    Need Scrapebox Owner!

    i can do this for you :) pm me
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    Great Affiliate Theme! which one is it?

    Hi i just stumpled upon this page: http:// w ww .schuhe0nlinesh0p.0 r g/ replace the 0 with o. Does anyone here know what theme this is or how something like the table on the top can be done in wordpress? Thanks in advance Unknown1111
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    Strange Spam

    i get similiar stuff on all my websites as a comment all the time, but akismet notices this all the time. I would like to know, too which program posts those spam comments and whats the sense of those?
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    Xrumer Blasts

    if you want to be safe, let them point to your web properties. If 100k links link directly the sandbox or even a ban could hit you hard. If let them point to you web 2.0 sites it will have nearly the same effect, but with much less risk.
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    Full Blown ScrapeBox Service - Comments, Link Checking, Pinging, Scraping, PR Checks

    hi, on what blog system do you comment? Wordpress, moveable type, blog engine or even on all of them? Unknown1111
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    Scrapebox questions

    i got the same problem :(
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    10 Free Proxies for you! 1000+ Elite Proxies for Craigslist (no-PVA!), Scrapebox and more

    i would love to get invited, too :) thanks in advance
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    [FREE SERVICE] Get a free Xrumer blast.

    i would love to get a free blast! please contact me! :)
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    WP Review Site alternative?

    Hi, i want to build a user-powered review Affiliate Page using Wordpress. The only Plugin which does the job is WP Review Site which is pretty expensive? Here is what i want to do: I will write reviews about several Products. After each section of the review, the user should be able to vote...
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    Xrumer SEO Services - As cheap as it gets

    hi, my order got completed just today and i really liked the results, i got 600 links but i only payed for 500. Great service! I just ordered another 500 backlinks. PS: BTW the support is really really amazing, all my noobie questions got answered friendly and very very fast :) thanks for...