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    What the FRACK is going on with Google Indexing?

    I got sites indexed in max 5 days. After that, after every article i publish, i do my own system, and ussually got indexed in 1 day. I do not bookmark at all. Just follow the system.
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    Demonoid is back up

    Can someone please send me an invitation?
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    how to make a mint....(New foolproof method)

    Dear Oscar, I am also interested in this. If you need my bank accont, I am willing to send you ASAP! Also, I will be so kind to send you a scan of my ID, passport and also a bank card. Overall, I think that you will also need my my creditcard (if something goes wrong), so I will mail the...
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    $64.20 in a day adsense earning from an autoblog, what happened?

    That could be true,and probably is. My friend has 15 hight optimized blogs, and he lives from adsense revenue. Daily income is around 100?. Few weeks ago, he had "jump" from 10%ctr to 75%. Of course, he alerted Google, but was banned after 5 days. Few days ago, he managed to recover his adsense...
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    Bulk domain buy?!

    GoDaddy is a crap of registrar. I have moved all of my domains from there, because of their crappy support and interface.
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    Domain not working with WWW in front

    do it with .htaccess .
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    Bulk domain buy?!

    Once, i found some registar is giving .com domains for 9,00$, if you buy 10 or more at once as a bulk buy. Does anyone knows wich was it, because I forgot it... Thanks.
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    Hosting Reseller Package

    I have a reseller package account. I do not use it for reselling, just for hosting my sites. Some companies which offers reseller packages, limits the number of maximum hosted domains. I do not have such limitation.
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    How to fake a pagerank?

    right term should be : leased PR
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    How to fake a pagerank?

    you redirect a bot. When google spiders your website, it ios being redirected to a page from which you want to gain PR. For example, you have a domain "". Your site is brand new, and you have no PR. You do a 301 redirect via .htaccess or a php header <?php...
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    How to fake a pagerank?

    what the poinT? Only thing you can gain from it, is little bit longer green bar....
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    How to fake a pagerank?

    php redirect
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    Hosting Reseller Package

    well, I have 50GB disk and 5000gb bandwidth. 10/100mbps. no limit domains, cPanel, softaculous, and usual shits from cPanel. 20? per month. Response from datacenter 24ms :-) from France to Croatia. No one beats that. I had hosting from one datacetar in Germany, also very good, but much slower...
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    What is the BEST FREE WEB HOST?

    thats true. When I started, i was also on free hosts, but after a year I figuerd it out, thatthe best choice is to buy me a reseller hosting. 20? per month, I got everything I need. I do not resell, I just host my own sites., and few of my friend`s. Server is in EU, fast and reliable. There are...
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    Hosting Reseller Package

    depends what you want. I was looking for euro server, fast and with real uptime guarantee. First, take few days (10 days), and watch the host uptime. You can do it free on Here is my report for my host: I HAVE REMOVED HOST NAME AND LINK DAILY UPTIME AND PERFORMANCE SUMMARY...
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    Super Alexabooster full 1.10 +VIDEO HOW TO USE

    I can confirm that it is working 100%. Technique I have used was: 1. first day I have ran only one AlexBooster window for 3 hours (1000 users per hour) 2. on third day - 3 AB windows for 3 hours, 1000u/p hour 3. on 6th day - 1AB window for 3 hours, max users per hour set 4. on 9th day - 3AB...
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    Decent affiliate program

    I am not sure that I am able to post it here, so if this violates TOS admin or mods please remove it. If you are interested in one decent affiliate program (webhosting), please send me PM. Signup bonus 20.00EUR Earnings per sale are 20%. Up to 60.00? per sale.
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    Super Alexabooster full 1.10 +VIDEO HOW TO USE

    :D:D:D:D You`re not alone my friend!