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  1. uncommonbg

    HEllo BHW

    Welcome to the forum, have fun and good luck with making money. :)
  2. uncommonbg

    Instagram Journey to $100 a Day

    Hello. I was wondering if you could tell me where are you buying aged accounts from? I'm following your journey and i'm kind of interested in starting my own journey similar to yours and it would be really nice if you can tell me where can I buy good quality aged accounts from. Thanks.
  3. uncommonbg

    My traffic, your website and Adsense. Split profit.

    Wrote you a PM, let me know if you are intered in building something serious. :)
  4. uncommonbg

    My Journey to $100/Day (Facebook/IG)

    Hello. Can you please tell me where are you buying the instagram accounts from? I'm interested in buying some instagram accounts, but I have a hard time finding a decent instagram account seller. Thanks.
  5. uncommonbg

    My Journey to 50$/day using IG+OGads

    Can you please elaborate more on "warming up IG accounts" ? What does that really mean and what is the process?
  6. uncommonbg

    Want to start learning programming. Help please

    Well, I my advise would be to decide what you want to code first. Do you want to make websites? Or maybe mobile applications? After deciding what you want to code you can get started with some programming languages like C#.(I believe starting to learn programming with C# is the best path to go...
  7. uncommonbg

    Where can I find videos of car crashes?

    No need to be sorry at all. The keywords you gave me actually helped me find some things that could come in handy, so I thank you for that. Have a nice day!
  8. uncommonbg

    Where can I find videos of car crashes?

    Thank you, that actually was quite helpful, but my point really is that there are channels that upload daily, so I'm thinking there must be a source of those videos.
  9. uncommonbg

    16 Years Old JUST Bought A GTR

    Yes, people actually make really good money from Youtube. But what I've noticed about Youtube from all these years is that it's very trendy. What I mean by trendy is that there were people who were killing it on Youtube and all of a sudden the trend changes and people stop watching them. But...
  10. uncommonbg

    Where can I find videos of car crashes?

    Hello, guys. I was wondering if anybody has any idea where I can find car crash videos without watermarks. I see channels uploading daily videos with car crashes and I was wondering what is the source of those crash videos. Thanks.
  11. uncommonbg

    Best facebook groups for internet entrepreneurs?

    Hello guys, I was wondering if you know some interesting facebook groups where you can interact with other internet entrepreneurs? I and I belive other people can benefit from groups like this, so If you know some good facebook groups for entrepreneurs, please share them so we can make a list.
  12. uncommonbg

    Client SEO vs building your own affiliate sites etc

    How so? Isn't ranking client's sites your job? How do you not give a shit about rankings when you literally have to rank client's site? If i'm a client and I want you to rank my site and you can't get the job done and don't give a shit about rankings, I wouldn't use your service again. What you...
  13. uncommonbg

    This guy ranked himself in all pages of youtube!

    I see him ranking aswell. I absolutely love Mr.Robot aswell. :D
  14. uncommonbg

    Do any of you "brag" on FB about your online success

    Bragging on FB? So you want to tell me that you will just post a random ass picture showing how much money you make? People will think even worse of you if you do something so stupid. Let people believe and think what they want to think and just keep getting your money. Eventually you will buy...
  15. uncommonbg

    Going back to college at this age? is that the right thing to do?

    You're still young and you easily go back to college at your age, but ask yourself - is it really worth it? There is so much information on the internet that you can easily learn any kind of programming from home. The only benefit of college I see for you is that you will have a degree and some...
  16. uncommonbg

    i want youtube channel with 7k-8k subscriber

    I'm sorry If my post is a little bit off topic, but nobody in their right will sell you a youtube account with 7-8k subs for 10$.
  17. uncommonbg

    Expert BHW Members' Advice Needed

    Believe me, you definitely don't need an expert for the thing you are asking. There are literally millions of articles and courses which will teach you SEO, you should look into it. First go ahead and learn the basics, from what I'm seeing you have no idea about SEO or how internet marketing...
  18. uncommonbg

    Need to make $5k

    As I said in a similiar thread, there's definitely ways to make 5000$ in 6 months, but you really need to know what you are doing since it's not really a long period of time. Work hard, go around and see what's working for other people and put your own twists to methods that you know they work...
  19. uncommonbg

    new site from nowhere to #8 position in 10 days

    Did you buy all the links directly to your site? If you'd like to buy some more links I would suggest building links in tiers, what way there is less chance for penalty since not links will be going directly to your site.
  20. uncommonbg

    Should I buy seo?

    Believe me, 5$ will get you absolutely nowhere considering how shitty the services have become. Those 5$ services will probbably do more harm than good. I suggest you start building your links on your own. Start with posting good and shareable content. Try sharing your content on social media...