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    How to get more organic keywords?

    I would suggest you to regularly update the website with high quality, long articles targeting targeting your niche keywords and then build a few backlinks around them. It will help your longtail keywords rank faster and your short tail keywords will follow the ranking.
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    Google Ranking

    The best way to get stable ranking on Google is to get backlinks from high quality, diversified, niche specific web properties. Please also update your site with high quality content on regular basis. It will help you get ranking faster. I can recommend you good services that may help you...
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    got the traffic , help me with sales !

    Hi Why not send them to a squeeze page and build a list in that niche. If they don't buy at the first attempt, they may buy after the 2nd or 3rd attempt. You can send me a pm if you need more help.
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    EDU & GOV Links + Social Signals - PowerUp Your Websites Free Reviews Daily

    Hi I am in for a free review copy.
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    How to get converting traffic?

    You can send press releases, post articles, create short videos etc All of these will generate a lot of traffic after some time, if you do it regularly.
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    Can we rank "one page website" on google?

    With high quality backlinks you can rank for a while but I highly suggest you should add a blog section in your website where you should post 2-3 articles daily for the first month then 2 articles/week every month. It will attract more google love and get you top ranking for many keywords with...
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    seo wont exist in 2015........

    Google can't exist without SEO. SEO is a process that helps search engines find relevant results. Bad SEO will die slowly though.
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    Need to push a high competition term in under a week...

    I would recommend high pr domain redirects and then building links using those domains in blog networks, articles, press releases etc. It will definitely boost your rankings. I have couple of more SEO strategies in mind that may yield good SEO results in the shortest possible time. Pm me if you...
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    Seriously.. Fuck clickbank.

    How do you select a product? May be I am able to help you. PM me if you need some help.
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    Celebrity sex tape website that I want to find a new owner for. Where would you recommend?

    send a few press releases and you will find an interested buyer.
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    $500 a sale and racking my brain! %0

    Hi I can find a good solution for you. PM me for more discussion. Thanks
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    First 3 sales in ONE DAY, 131.95$ !!

    Hi Good show. Keep doing the good work. Congrats! :)
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    will clickbank ban me if...

    It will not create any issue. Just keep doing the good work for big $$$$.
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    WordPress Expert Needed

    I have just got the sales letter of my website written from a copywriter and want to upload it to my wordpress based website flawlessly. If you are expert in wordpress and can put my sales letter and images on my website with a relevant theme, I am ready to hire your service. Interested persons...
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    [Help Me] 6 months since I signed up on clickbank and I have not made any sales :'(

    Hi Don't worry if you have not made a sale for the last six months. Making money online is very easy and on clickbank I have been making money since 1999 using all the free traffic. Just follow the follow tips and you will see sales coming to you very soon. One more point before I share my tips...
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    Used digg on an article. Got indexed and then deindexed

    Hi Just keep building backlinks from social sites and blog comments for a few days and then see the results after a week or two. Use your anchor text in a randon way not your main keyword. Use multiple variations of the keyword.
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    [NEW] Web2.0 Blog List Over 100 Updated

    thanks for sharing these sites.
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    Best Bank to Receive Wire Transfer in Pakistan?

    I get all my wire transfers from clickbank in my soneri bank account. I have linked it with clickbank.
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    Clickbank and Adult Sites

    I have been working as a clickbank affiliate since 1999 and have been sending all sort of traffic to them and I am sure they don't care about traffic. There are many adult products in the cb marketplace and you can send your adult traffic to these products.