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  1. BitCS , is it legit?

    Investment Wisdom 101: "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. "
  2. BitCS , is it legit?

    Scam stay away.
  3. BitCS

    Is 'Astral Projection' a real thing? (OBE)

    I really do not see how this is relevant to BHW.
  4. BitCS

    I am deep deeeep deep down please help...

    Have a look in the "Journeys" and "Make Money" especially the posts labeled "Method" there are thousands of ideas on those sub-forums.
  5. BitCS

    Pick My Next Lambo

    Drop that and go get yourself a McLaren 570 spider. You'll save money and get a better car.
  6. BitCS

    expired domains myth ?

    Great share . Would you knoow where we can find some additional resources about actually deploying a PBN (Guide? Tips and Tricks? etc...)?
  7. BitCS

    [Help] im pissed

    Thats hard. Your best option is to contact IG support and provide them with any and all data that can in anyway proove that you are indeed the rightful owner of the account . Gd luck to you
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    Is there are way to scrape reddit user emails?

    No modern social media platform makes user emails available to the public. You could although write a crawler to crawl through all the pages in a certain subredit and collect emails that were included in comments.
  9. BitCS

    Earn Money With Fiverr Without Doing Anything :D

    'Fiver' the name says it all gigs go for 5-10$ at most... Say you make 20% thats 0.10 - 0.20 cents... Would take quite a while to make some real money
  10. BitCS

    [METHOD] Earn Monero on your Spare Time

    Regardless of liquidity it still does not justify CPU mining...
  11. BitCS

    [METHOD] Earn Monero on your Spare Time

    CPU mining will not get you very far.... another thing to consider is how is the liquidity on Monero? suppose we could actually mine a substantial amount of coins would we find enough buys to sell it back to?
  12. BitCS

    I need An Adblock Code that Will Remove HTML When Adblock Detected

    Just wrap it in a <div> with class name 'hide-chatturbate', then use your JS script that detects adblock to set the css style for the 'hide-chatturbate' class to 'display: hidden'.
  13. BitCS

    I need An Adblock Code that Will Remove HTML When Adblock Detected

    This won't solve the problem. There is no provision anywhere in that code for detecting adblock. This will work for showing an image hidden behind another image(ad). In this case it is the adblock that removes the ad. What the OP wants is to remove the iframe(video) if an ad is blocked. We are...
  14. BitCS

    Can someone answer this for me? what is md5 rehashing

    Uploaders are just better off uploading legitimate unique content that they actualy own.
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    80k made in two weeks! Road to 1 MILLION by the end of 2018. (Crypto Investing)

    Great. Any particular strategy you are using? Fundamental analysis investing? Technical analysis investing? or just winging it?
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    Can someone answer this for me? what is md5 rehashing

    Right, they probably look at a variety of factors. MD5 is just one of them. I'm pretty sure they have their own in house algos to sort through videos.
  17. BitCS

    huge email lists

    You could make a newsletter touching on the similar subject, as to what the previous owner was selling. Since they bought that websites products you have a slight idea of what they are interested in. Ask thel to opt in of course, and then put some ads on your newsletter to monetize it.
  18. BitCS

    Do I need a Linux SMTP Server - With IP Rotation ? Mass cold emailing

    The best and cheapest solution for sending mass email is Amazon SES (1$ for 10K emails, yes one dollar for ten thousand emails). Hosting your own smtp server is more of a headache than anything, as aside from the technical aspects (which are very complex) you will be spending most of your...
  19. BitCS

    Can someone answer this for me? what is md5 rehashing

    It is a way that youtube can check that you uploaded videos that are legitimately your own content, and not just downloaded from another youtube channel and re-uploaded. MD5 is like a finger print every file has a unique one.
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    Where do you get your software from?

    The best thing to do is to develop your own custom solutions. Or if you cant then hire a freelancer to develop for you.