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    [ Get 12 Months of LinkedIn Premium for $49 with Official Gift Codes ]

    Hi - please send me the Paypal details. Also, can I cancel this anytime during the year if I need to upgrade to Sales nav or similar?
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    We Will Build Responsive WordPress Websites At Very Competitive Price | Starting From Just $150

    Can you send me some 'basic package' Wordpress samples please?
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    [No VOIP] SMS Verification! Real Numbers. # CHEAP # API # AUTOMATIC #

    @juicysms - can I pay by Paypal?
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    I want to come to India to work, need advice from Indians

    Absolutely - scammers exits everywhere and they come in all shapes and sizes. I think India's population size allows for a larger generalization - same could be said about Nigeria.
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    [JV] My offshore-staffing B2B service - Your clients

    I co-own an offshore staffing company that helps companies cut labor costs and grow through our employees in southeastern Europe (the work is performed remotely from our company's offices). We are mainly focused in the finance/accounting industry but this model works great with other...
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    Why are many not making money today.

    There are many obvious problems that people identify early, take on entrepreneurship and still fail. 2 people can literally find the same solution and have the same 'plan' for execution but only one of them will win in the end. The one that wins is the one that followed through, executed the...
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    Web development

    E-commerce doesn't have to be integrated (payment systems etc.) - only showing products with price and description is enough, so everything similar to the website without the e-commerce order functionality.
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    Web development

    Hi there, I need a website with a similar design and feel to: The website should use a Wordpress CMS platform. Please propose with offers/prices and TAT accordingly (I'll filter out the BS). Cheers!
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    Indian PM Twitter account hacked with a crypto scam

    This. Everyone's expressions and feelings are doom and gloom about their Gov. and politicians in overall - but then they also believe that all of a sudden these same folks turned out to be 'angels'. Ludicrous....
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    Our country has banned all online payment platforms

    Well, look at it this way. - Your compatriots dealing with the same issue have already mentioned this (along with the country they're facing the issue in) on the internet, guaranteed. - Your country's law enforcement/intelligence won't care about this. If 1% will find a way around, 99% will...
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    Without payout proofs (vids preferably) and some sort of guarantee for the buyer this is a waste of both time and money. I've been screwed on similar deals involving Spotify before - it's extremely risky and unpredictable.
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    BassTrackerBoats -- The next president of the United States of America

    I'd certainly vote and vouch/campaign for him!
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    What is this @festinger. LOL

    Awesome! Copywriting is extremely important for every business nowadays.
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    Be Kind To Your Clients

    To the naive folks finding BTB’s actions as absurd - you mistakenly judge him by the standards of an average SEO service seller, and that’s of course mainly because you don’t know him well. $2-3k do not make or break BTB, so he does it because he can, and mostly because he develops great...
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    We Will Build Responsive WordPress Websites At Very Competitive Price | Starting From Just $150

    Review: @sansarahub did an amazing job as he delivered a custom WP website, along with a nice logo (offers that service in another thread, so I combined them both). He also went above and beyond to make the changes as I requested, also provided some tips on editing the site, adding sections...
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    We Will Build Responsive WordPress Websites At Very Competitive Price | Starting From Just $150

    Can't PM you and can't find you on Skype. PM me please.
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    [COURSE] How to make money with Youtube and Content Locker - Making Video Proofs, Ranking Videos, Choosing Niche - OGYTCOURSE.COM

    Received a review copy from vinku. I have to say that the course is awesome in overall - it caters to both beginners and those that already have an idea about CPA and Youtube. Vinku always delivers quality stuff and the best thing is that he constantly updates the course - giving you additional...