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  1. LJ Junior

    So I have just..

    got some internet access. Finally!!! Just, wondering any of you humans observed the relevance between mountains (series of) and the universe? When you're in mountains doesn't see it? The LIFE?? OR you still figuring out "Making Money"? huhhhh! I get it the money is infinite as well...
  2. LJ Junior

    Wassup fellow humans?

    Have you guys started living or still worried about tomorrow? "Tomorrow is inevitable. If you haven't lived fully today, tomorrow is no different." -- LJ
  3. LJ Junior

    Are you guys still..

    pussies or grown-up? Start paying attention to Mountains/ Ocean, MFs! @BassTrackerBoats Sorry Dad! I wasn't in touch with you but it was out there to understand myself. I have a complex mind Dad! Please don't be mad at me. I always love you!
  4. LJ Junior

    If given a chance

    What or who would you want to be in next life? " I want be a monkey in Amazon forests like deep forest" You? -- LJ
  5. LJ Junior

    "There is nothing like better

    way to live or a better thing to achieve. Just accommodate your daily needs and do things that excites you - Be it just walking down the road" - LJ
  6. LJ Junior

    I just killed a Tiger

    It was self defence.
  7. LJ Junior

    I just killed a Tiger

    in my dreams. Go for the eyes, boys! - LJ
  8. LJ Junior

    How Many Pets Do You Have?

    Just one for now!
  9. LJ Junior

    Got positive for Hepatitis B

    And no sympathy, please!!. I might live without pain or any symptoms for another 30 years. This virus is a clown.
  10. LJ Junior

    Got positive for Hepatitis B

    Doctor said that I have it from birth and my brothers are positive too. It's in Chronic stage. Worried about family. Getting others in family vaccinated. Won't give a fuck about hep b(personally). It sounds crazy but I'm not worried even a slight bit for myself. "Everyone out there, who are...
  11. LJ Junior

    Every Crypto Investor must read this..

    I have to go.. Cya soon!! Stay well.
  12. LJ Junior

    Every Crypto Investor must read this..

    Okay Okay feed the fraud.
  13. LJ Junior

    Every Crypto Investor must read this..

    Stable coin is not part of decentralisation's vision.
  14. LJ Junior

    Every Crypto Investor must read this..

    Do you guys have any idea about Tether scam? $USDT will soon burst, its defenetely not backed by real $ and in few months it might make whole Crypto market vulnerable. Don't be surprised to see 90-95% correction. Maybe your $1 in Crypto will be $0.05 in coming months. Tech is good but there is...
  15. LJ Junior

    Coffee Time? Good Day!
  16. LJ Junior

    The Earth has

    I make $35K a month (Can also prove it ) and don't give a shit about my laptop, work or LED screen. Not keen on materialistic stuff.. Not proud either. Not understanding what I meant to say is certainly level of amature stuff so giving you a note. Cheers!
  17. LJ Junior

    The Earth has

    Amature. - LJ
  18. LJ Junior

    The Earth has

    Nature --- Beautiful Mountains, Trees, Incredible Water, Fascinating Animals. Lot to explore!!! Human Created -- 3bhk home, Desires, Wine, Money and other shit show materials!!! How are you living the limited time you have -- Nature or Human Created ( Garbage ) ??? - LJ
  19. LJ Junior

    "You live between

    Day and Night. Your happiness or sadness is incredibly negligible so don't chase it. Build a quality life between day and night" It takes thinking to understand this. -LJ
  20. LJ Junior

    Do you know humans are more advanced in

    Ignorance? "Dogs of different colours get along well but not us" " We limit our life to 6 Inch mobile or 15 inch laptop. All day, fucking all day! Seriously?? You're life is only few inches worth " " Learn to live, idiots. You got very less time, very very less" -LJ