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  1. mightybh

    How does CPA Offers really work ?

    There is more to it than just collecting an email. A lot of offers are generate dynamically. The offers wall will change depending on the data you enter. For example a car dealership wants to promote a new car by giving away a bunch of test drives. They go to smileymedia or somebody else who...
  2. mightybh

    Best PPD site?

    Best? It has to be
  3. mightybh

    RapBank - any experience with them?

    It has no stats and lacks quality non IM related products. It's filled with WSO type of stuff. I prefer payspree.
  4. mightybh

    BitCoin Insane profit!

    I've had around 200 bitcoins a few years back when they first came out and they were worthless. I gave a bunch away and tested them on various things. I then reinstalled my OS and never backed up the wallet because I did not care. I felt sick when they hit $200 a while back. Now $900!
  5. mightybh

    Needs somebody with scrapebox to scrape 100k Google urls.

    johnpup is on it, thanks for interest guys. Warlock8 I guess that might work too since I already own it anyway.
  6. mightybh

    Needs somebody with scrapebox to scrape 100k Google urls.

    I can't find my copy of scrapebox so I'll pay somebody to scrape around 100k urls from Google. I will provide you with the list of 100 quires.
  7. mightybh

    bitcoin mining

    Lets see... If you were day trading 10 ($1360 worth) bitcoins for the last 24 hours and were to buy and sell spot on, you would make around $2. It's not worth it. The price does not fluctuate enough and all trusted exchanges charge you % fee for every...
  8. mightybh

    Any regular expressions for any number of lines between certain keywords?

    I have a lot of text files. Each text file has a description which can contain any number of lines and any characters. I need to remove those. So this is what the text files look like: Description: bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Body: body body body body body body body body body Is...
  9. mightybh

    My secret method to 100$ a day

    You say you make $100/day and then you post another thread which shows that you are making $4-$8 a day and then you make another thread asking people to join your Adsense click exchange. Why...
  10. mightybh

    BigBuddy's Youtube Retention Views is Back 3000+ Happy Buyers

    What's the minimum number of views per video? For example can I buy 10k and do 500 views 20 videos?
  11. mightybh

    What's the best high retention youtube view boosting service for multiple videos?

    I need to give 1000 videos a high retention boost. Most good boosting services that I've used in the past only ask for 1 url at a time. Any good services for multiple videos? Thanks!
  12. mightybh

    Anyone having r8 on BHW?

    So much fail. You did not even post a real car. It's made out of paper
  13. mightybh

    Does anyone have a list of 1000 or so email accounts? No need for passwords.

    -edit- All figured out! Thanks chaps.
  14. mightybh

    My exact $80/day POF + Peerfly campaign

    I still get people contacting me and asking why this campaign is not converting after they copied it exactly. This post is over a year old. The offer + banner has been raped and people still just go and copy everything expecting to make money. Use your own brain guys, come on. This was just an...
  15. mightybh

    Paid to downloady guys,

    Just join file ice and download yourself. Keep 100% of the money. Maybe get banned too while you are at it.
  16. mightybh

    PageRank Update Just Hit My Sites Right Now.

    Did you start receiving more traffic all of a sudden as your PR went up? No.
  17. mightybh

    ZennoPoster 5 - Automate any task in the Internet

    How do I get a demo license? Where do I register? None of the links I click in the installer open.
  18. mightybh

    PageRank Update Just Hit My Sites Right Now.

    I don't check PR. I need traffic, not a green bar.
  19. mightybh

    ClickBank bans a loyal affiliate with highest violet rating. Watch out.

    See what converts on CB and check if the same product is listed on other networks. You may even find a better product in the same niche.
  20. mightybh

    ClickBank bans a loyal affiliate with highest violet rating. Watch out.

    I won't bother opening another account. Better spend my time and money elsewhere. I've had some good results with a few instant pay networks so I'll concentrate on those for the time being.