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  1. homenet

    Is IPv4 a recession-proof asset?

    Ipv6 adoption is happening slower than expected, I think at least for the next decade or so, ipv4 addresses will continue to be valuable and even to increase in price. But, there will come a time where the demand dwindles because ipv6 adoption takes over.
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    Create Proxy with Cloud

    There might be a cheaper way, but before i rented out a VPS (lowest spec one) and installed squid proxy on there. Then just connect to the VPS IP and squid proxy port you configure.
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    What was the mistake you did which still haunts you to this day?

    Losing £10,000 in penny stocks.
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    Advice Needed For LAN Setup

    But this is a simple solution, you dont need to "test the waters", what you're suggesting is literally the worst thing OP could do right now, not to mention for an extra few bucks, he could have a 48 port Gigabit switch. I've already shown how cheap a second hand switch is from Ebay.
  5. homenet

    Advice Needed For LAN Setup

    Lol, like I said, you've no idea what you're talking about if you think a splitter is just about a slight reduction in speed.
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    Advice Needed For LAN Setup

    Sorry dude, but you're out of your depth. I'm a network specialist and I do this for a living, I can assure you using a splitter is just an awful idea, to even suggest it shows you don't really know what you're talking about. You need to learn about collision domains and half-duplex...
  7. homenet

    Advice Needed For LAN Setup

    Your diagram is perfect, that will work fine. However, those TP Link switches are only 100MB. They will work fine, but if you're looking for maximum performance, I'd be looking at 1GB options instead, they will obviously be a little more expensive.
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    Advice Needed For LAN Setup

    Hi, i'm not sure which country you're in, or which sites you're using, but Ebay has plenty of good options, such as this for £30 ...
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    Advice Needed For LAN Setup

    No offense, but there is some poor advice being given here. If you're looking for speed + reliability, always, always use wired over wireless. And for the love of god, do NOT use Ethernet cable splitters! This was bad practice 20 years ago, never mind today. With the low cost of switches and...
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    Bought an additional $4000 of Matic

    Lol, except MATIC was tanking long before we entered the bear market, you utter moron
  11. homenet

    Bought an additional $4000 of Matic

    Yeah, these threads are ridiculous, I can guarantee far more people lose money from these recommendations than make money. Looking back at the charts there was a 7 day period where people would have been in profit, but i expect most people didn't time the market (very few people can and do), and...
  12. homenet

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️ What's your Motivation for Making Money?

    To be free to never have to work again if I chose not to. I don't care about clothes, cars, jewellery, I just want a good size house for me and my family, and not have to worry about bills again. I've been in this game since 2008/2009, and although I'm not quite there yet, I'm getting closer...
  13. homenet

    Bought an additional $4000 of Matic

    Your comment aged like milk in a sauna. Anybody who invested in this shit coin thinking it was going to moon will now be sitting on a heavy loss.
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    Software / Services / Bots - What is currently missing from the market?

    It doesn't have to be something groundbreaking, perhaps just some kind of automation of something that isn't available right now.
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    Software / Services / Bots - What is currently missing from the market?

    What would you say is a service, or piece of software currently missing from the IM market? Something that you've always wanted or think would be very useful, but doesn't currently exist on the marketplace? Any ideas are welcome!
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    Hide links from users but not Google - is it OK?

    Years ago, there used to be an "exploit" on the drupal platform that allowed you to hide invisible links in the comment forms. I ended up with tons of very high quality high PR links doing this, it skyrocketed by site to #2 for a rather competetive term. It stayed there for 2 weeks and after...
  17. homenet

    Starting a cryptocurrency

    The crypto space is absolutely saturated with shitcoins with either no utility or the same as another 1000 out there. So my advise would be to come up with a new, exciting or useful idea. Look at whats out there and think of something that hasn't been done, otherwise it's going to be hard for...
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    Page Speed

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    Google Update - May 27th 2022 - What I Have Noticed

    niche: crypto site age: 8 years old My site is thin on content as it is a membership site allowing users to earn crypto. End Of May my traffic has increased by around 80%. Absolutely no idea why.
  20. homenet

    The largest holders of BTC says it's going to hit 120K next week. Let's see.

    I would love to revisit this thread in 10 years just to show how wrong most people were. At that point Bitcoin will easily be low to middle 6 figures.