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  1. Oceans13

    Are you DRIVEN or MOTIVATED?

    Very few men are driven, almost all are motivated at one point or another.
  2. Oceans13

    Which Movie(s) Made You Cry?

    The boy in the striped pajamas
  3. Oceans13

    How to Make 200$ daily CLEAN NO INVEST

    Wtf does this even mean?
  4. Oceans13

    Do you like jogging/running?

    I hate running, but I do it almost every day. Aiming to run my first ultra-marathon at the end of the year in November, closing in on 80 - 90 km per week. As for shoes, it helps getting fitted for the right shoes, it helps reduce injury.
  5. Oceans13

    Which books do you recommend to read?

    Principles - Ray Dalio
  6. Oceans13

    What is the Font that you really like?

    neue haas grotesk display pro
  7. Oceans13

    Instagram Growth - Local Business - Serious Applications Only

    Looking for an individual in the Instagram growth area. We need someone who has proven results in growing client accounts, in an efficient and safe manner. This is for a local business located in Canada that needs multiple Instagram accounts to be grown to 30k+ followers while maintaining a...
  8. Oceans13

    Grant Cardone

    Sure, in some ways they serve a half-decent purpose. Mainly, however, motivational speakers give you a rush of dopamine, which fades in 4-5 hours and then you're back to where you started. You then watch more of their videos, the cycle repeats and it earns them more money. Not jelly of Cardone...
  9. Oceans13

    Grant Cardone

    It's the same crap, different motivation guy. He isn't telling you anything you can't get for free or you didn't already know. I don't understand how people keep watching this crap on a regular basis. I swear I've seen multiple guys in this area who will shit on college/university and then try...