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  1. caCODEmon

    Still making money from adult video upload

    No, I download by username.I check first, then download. Plus, I don't think that popular nude subreddit would post something illegal ;)
  2. caCODEmon

    Still making money from adult video upload

    That's what I've been telling myself all this time lol. Guess I'm gonna do it :)
  3. caCODEmon

    Need advice for Adult content reposting

    Thank you for the reply! :) I never thought of making a tube/blog website and drive traffic there. so thanks for the idea! But I'm trying to use the same way OP did in his post (redirection, but I made a landing page for it). Also, I'm not trying to get traffic from Reddit, I'm getting content...
  4. caCODEmon

    Need advice for Adult content reposting

    I'm trying to do this method : I'm trying to repost images and creating video compilations from websites like Reddit and other adult forums. I got the scripts, the website, the landing page... Everything is...
  5. caCODEmon

    What is your personality type?

    INFP-T, Mediator. Am I retarded or something?
  6. caCODEmon

    Still making money from adult video upload

    A little update, but I have more doubts that I could get into trouble: I've created scripts that crawl, Reddit and other amateur adult forums for photos and videos, I can download thousands automatically. I'm also using AME to add intro/outro to the videos and make compilations, with the help of...
  7. caCODEmon

    Young guy that’s lost

    Dude, you're 18. You're young. You're talking about wasting your time as if you're 30 lol. When I was 18, I never thought this place existed, hell, even making money on the internet. Yet, you did a lot of things and made some progress. I'm 25 now. I joined this forum back in 2020 and I was...
  8. caCODEmon

    Young guy that’s lost

    You look like a guy who knows both :) How about learning to be a programming and an IM ? I really enjoy programming and make my own tools/websites. Even if AI somehow takes over, I'd be still learning.
  9. caCODEmon

    Elon quitting twitter!

    1-I'm not an American, but I follow their politics closely. the next election will be definitely in Trump's favor. Elon is trying to give platform for the Right to be buddies with them. Especially Trump. Once he win the election and becomes president. Anything he asks for will be his. 2-Just a...
  10. caCODEmon

    Argentina or France

  11. caCODEmon

    Still making money from adult video upload

    Alright, I've got 'almost' everything set up and ready to work. I've created some scripts that crawls for pictures and save them. I also made another script to watermark those pictures. I have 2000+ pictures ready to go. I've set up LosPollos "Adult Dating" offer. I'm going to redirect from my...
  12. caCODEmon

    This guy just sits in front of camera and pretends to speak.

    He telepathically talking to aliens. We're not there to understand him, yet. He's too advanced. Seriously, he went through the trouble of setting up a camera, and a microphone and holding it at the same time. Rendered the video, but you couldn't say anything? You could just scream. people love...
  13. caCODEmon

    How do they make a living?

    I drop sick albums with sick rhymes y'all!
  14. caCODEmon


    Planning to use one of those in my project. What pros and cons of using a free domain?
  15. caCODEmon

    What is the buzz about Litespeed?

    I read the title as : "what is buzz litespeed" and I was saying to myself what's a chinese Buzz Lightyear doing in this forum?
  16. caCODEmon

    Still making money from adult video upload

    There's definitely trial. But it's Adobe. If you can't find it, we can find a way around it :)
  17. caCODEmon

    Still making money from adult video upload

    I don't think so, OP uses lospollos like I did.
  18. caCODEmon

    Still making money from adult video upload

    I have uploaded like 20 videos and got a few clicks. no revenue. How are you guys doing it? Upload speed is crap here.
  19. caCODEmon

    Still making money from adult video upload

    I'm using Adobe Media Exporter for bulk watermarking videos. I haven't started with pictures yet. Uploading videos can be automated if you ONLY upload on certain websites. You can take title/tags/ and add your description from wherever you've downloaded the video, than automatically fill the...