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  1. markcoelho

    i need 150$ for this week..can anyone help me ?

    Could those 25 go to facebook ads to feed your dropshipping method? I woudl be interested in learning more.
  2. markcoelho

    Dropshipping for a noob

    Thanks alot Motherdex, i've already learned form you reply! I'll start dropshipping as soon as possible and i'll return to this thread if i have any questions. Again, thanks & have a good one.
  3. markcoelho

    Dropshipping for a noob

    Hello again guys! So my last post was about how i was making money and about my future plans, asking for advice on what to focus on and such. You guys helped me alot and i managed to decently scale up freelance logo design by advertising my gig. But now... I'm getting bored of it so i want to...
  4. markcoelho

    Here are the steps i've taken towards making money and the question of which ones to take next

    Hello money makers. So, i'm new to this forum and before i found it, i was actually learning web design and i planned on selling that service on a freelance website, so i signed up on one and started selling the only thing i could: Logotypes. I've made 200€ over the last 4 months and i built up...
  5. markcoelho

    [METHOD] Make easy $50+/day using Instagram.

    I've already done that 2 times, guess i missed it. I'll try again, thanks!
  6. markcoelho

    [METHOD] Make easy $50+/day using Instagram.

    So how do you host the landing pages? And why would that be better than just shortening the link? (i'm new to this)