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  1. SweetJesus

    Cryptocurrency analysis and predictions using AI and big data

    Loving following your progress and your dedication. Keep up the good work. Also new mobile app works great on my end. Thank You
  2. SweetJesus

    can't find thread about offline Facebook likes and comments

    I was reading a thread about a user that was using fake Facebook accounts to like and comment on offline clients status updates. He said he was using facedominator and was making about 10k a month. can anybody help me find this . It can't be more than a week old and for the life of me I cannot...
  3. SweetJesus

    Ubot skype group!!!

    I'm interested aswell pm me
  4. SweetJesus

    My BlackHat World Success Story: 16 Years Old, $20,000 in 4 months!

    Beautiful Line, Means alot to me. Congrats, keep up the good work.
  5. SweetJesus

    URGENT: Massive problem with CPA Lead right now! Be careful...

    im having the same issue bad man. My analytics shows the same traffic as always and yet no earnings like AI usually have on a friday night, not even 1/3 the earnings this is crap.
  6. SweetJesus

    How to make 100 - 1000.00 a day

    This retard isnt even the owner of vostuu my friend owns it dont believe any of his crap. this kid is a 16 yr old phiser in the UK who profits off of go daddy phising and trading credit card info, do some research. and DARYL lmao were coming baby be ready - you've had your fun now here comes...
  7. SweetJesus

    Help Getting Contact Info On This Guy

    i find it hard to believe he is down in panama and running the amount of offline campaigns he is in new england??
  8. SweetJesus

    Help Getting Contact Info On This Guy

    Yah I did that im pretty sure its hidden he is running a panama server thats all I got from that Thanks Though
  9. SweetJesus

    Help Getting Contact Info On This Guy

    Can anybody tell me if they can get any contact info on the owner of this site: I checked every way I know how, Maybe someone else here can get something. Any help is most appreciated, Thanks, Sweet Jesus
  10. SweetJesus

    What script is this site running???

    the tracking cookie stuff may help, I'll check into that thanks, but if you go to dynamic drive and lookup the book marking site script it is not a script for a site it is a script for bookmarking your site - Unless im just completely spacing out or something, but thats what I thought I read...
  11. SweetJesus

    What script is this site running???

    looking at the template didnt help me I checked that, and it is not bookmark site script come on now
  12. SweetJesus

    What script is this site running???

    any ideas what script this site is running, I cant find any references to the name of it anywhere. Hopefully someone here recognizes it. The site is Thank You
  13. SweetJesus

    Anyone know where the video site list is?

    I remember seeing a thread with a big ass list of video sites like YT, but I cannot find it anywhere I have been searching for ever. If anybody can point me in the right direction it is much appreciated, please pm Thanks :)
  14. SweetJesus

    Your kids are watching this.

    cry me a river
  15. SweetJesus

    Debunking CPA Lead Myths

    I have been using ************** since beginning of july and am now hitting 600 dollars a day with them, No issues with any payments so far and I am in regular contact with the owners and their top dogs, Nothing wrong with them. Email me if you need help with ************** I offer consulting...
  16. SweetJesus

    What script are these mp3 search engines running?

    Anyone know what script these 2 sites are running or is it a custom job? They are both based of off the same script. Just different layouts. Thanks, Sweet Jesus
  17. SweetJesus

    What plugins are being used on this wordpress movies site?

    Take a look at this site, its not the same, but it is a pretty nice movie site still.
  18. SweetJesus

    [Ask] How to add google anyalitics code in wordpress blog

    Use this plugin, Thanks, Appreciated ;)
  19. SweetJesus

    Basic Sales Powerpoint. Good Info

    Nothing Special, Just reinforces some key points about sales that people should know. Found it on my comp earlier today.
  20. SweetJesus

    Does CPA Lead call you?

    I dont know about that, maybe you werent makeing enough to make it worth keeping you ;) I just got my first payment from them for 1600 and my next months is also 1600. There was a little mixuo with the first check, but nothing a quick email didnt fix. They have the best customer service I...