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  1. safaristyle

    Facebook - Account Creation Process

    Any free phone verification site? I am able to create account with unique ip but getting locked with phone verification
  2. safaristyle

    New Accounts gets block instantly

    I am able to create new accounts easily with fresh ip but the problem is whenever I try to create new page, accounts gets photo id verification block. Anyone else also having same issues?
  3. safaristyle


    I tried to create page and it asked me for photo verification. Things became really shitty in last 2-3 days
  4. safaristyle

    Verification by Voice call option not showing

    Anyone facing this issue? I am only getting "send text" option.
  5. safaristyle

    Addmefast Account Banned

    For last couple of days many of my addmefast account got banned. Don't know why they started being so anal. Anyone else also facing same situation ?
  6. safaristyle

    How do they are uploading PDF

    Yea That's the method they are currently using. They probably using some sort of footprint to do the uploading part. A large number of websites being promoted via these junk pdf's and they are ranking quite welll
  7. safaristyle

    Will my website reindex?

    Is your site related to copyright content like movies / tv shows?
  8. safaristyle

    How do they are uploading PDF

    Lately I am noticing some people uploading pdf files for driving traffic to their main site How they are able to upload such pdf ?
  9. safaristyle

    Addmefast Dead?

    What alternative option currently working best? Any recommendation?
  10. safaristyle

    Addmefast Dead?

    I added a fb page on addmefast with 10 points for liking my page but so far 1 hour not a single like..Strange !! Long time back I used it for quick likes but now it seems stopped working or is it only me..
  11. safaristyle

    Any Drupal Expert Around

    Anyone ? Wanted to ask few questions
  12. safaristyle

    How do they access ??

  13. safaristyle

    How do they access ??

    Recently I am noticing many webmaster's uploading pdf files into many popular sites "sites/default/files/" location which I think is a backdoor access...But how they able to access ??
  14. safaristyle

    [MY JOURNEY] - make £3000 from scratch before August 1st 2016.

    Same here not being able to create a single account...Before yesterday it was all perfect !!
  15. safaristyle

    [MY JOURNEY] - make £3000 from scratch before August 1st 2016.

    Facing same issue after creating account....Getting error "account disabled"...Any solution for this? If create's account with another ip get's slap with pva verification
  16. safaristyle

    Which Movie script these site's using ?

    Can anyone help regarding this movie site script?
  17. safaristyle

    Google has detected Major spam problems

    But most watch tv show / movie sites fetch content from IMDB and other movie portal sites. They are running very successfully. I don't see them getting banned from google for spam content.
  18. safaristyle

    Google has detected Major spam problems

    So I was running a movie site copying movie description from IMDB and sharing links. It is wordpress based. But within 20 days of running the site I got this notice on webmaster "Google has detected Major spam problems"....So I applied for reconsideration and removed ads and change content a...
  19. safaristyle

    Amazon account hold...Please Help

    I tried to place an order on amazon through payoneer card. After the payment was done, around 5 mins later I got e-mail they can not confirm my payment information, so they put my account on hold. Now amazon asking me to send statement of my mastercard and billing address bla bla bla and send...
  20. safaristyle

    Wordpess New user registration ?

    How is it possible to register as a new user ? Because when I try to register I get error like "User registration is currently not allowed." But I can see other people manage to register in that site and posting articles. Any loophole ? wp-login.php?action=register I tried to use this...