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  1. jacquez

    AD Accounts Disabled, what options?

    From your first paragraph that saying "can't remember the reason", I want to ask a question. Did you know that Facebook doesn't accept betting ads unless you ask permission to their team? And for most country it is not eligible to run betting ads. If you do know that Facebook doesn't accept...
  2. jacquez

    Connecting Banned Ad Account Profile to Other BM

    I think other member here who ever use VM can tell if it is safe or not. Since I only use Multilogin before to manage thousands of accounts. I use residential proxy and 4g proxy that match the account location. And use multiquote or edit your existing post to add some paragraph, or the forum...
  3. jacquez

    Connecting Banned Ad Account Profile to Other BM

    I never tried VM before. But as long as the VM doesn't leak any data to Facebook, it will be fine. The next important thing to keep in mind is you shouldn't connect any old assets to your friends account or it will raise a red flag. It means that everything should be brand new. And do it...
  4. jacquez

    I can't running ads normally anymore any solution?

    You have said it right "Zombie". I can see that in my ads department as well and they are not enjoy the work anymore. That is one of several point that make me give up. Also think that even you can get through this time, there will be next time with even stricter algorithm waiting. Luckily I...
  5. jacquez

    I can't running ads normally anymore any solution?

    If you still think it is still worth to continue, then do it whatever it takes. Maybe we have the same situation. I run an ads agency since 2014 and just decided to give up at this time. We both know every year Facebook always add something to their algorithm and stricter year to year. I'm on...
  6. jacquez

    Does Facebook accept ID from users who have been permanently banned before?

    First, don't make your old account directly or indirectly linked to your new account. Second, it is better to delete your old account or you can leave it, means you are better not login to that account anymore Three, 'Always' follow their rules even sometimes they do ban innocent people
  7. jacquez

    Need help about Facebook Identity Confirmation

    No one shares private method, because when it shared, the method will be used by many people around the world and Facebook will fix it by implemented a new algorithm. Find out yourself buddy.
  8. jacquez

    2021/10/4 FB F*KING update (PAGE KEEP BAN)

    Yes, lets hope it last longer
  9. jacquez

    2021/10/4 FB F*KING update (PAGE KEEP BAN)

    Facebook always have problems every year on Q4. This happened to me as well.
  10. jacquez

    How to run multiple Facebook accounts on same machine without being detected ...{URGENT}

    Underestimate? It is you who write it. Not me dude. I just being honest and not giving you a fake hope based on your situation. But if you gonna try, just go for it and goodluck.
  11. jacquez

    I need some help for running advertising on facebook

    No. Cause you also need to make sure your creatives is best and it depends on how many competition on your niche.
  12. jacquez

    How to run multiple Facebook accounts on same machine without being detected ...{URGENT}

    There is no solution if you even can't buy a proxy, there is a lot of things that needed money to run fb ads right now. It simply means that you are better out of this competition.
  13. jacquez

    Facebook Restricted Ads - Any way to get it back?

    What do you mean by "dead account"?
  14. jacquez

    What can I do??Can't run FB ads(newbie). Ad account got rejected from posting ads...

    I think the id confirmation is broken right now. Even when real people using real id, it still rejected.
  15. jacquez

    Sky high CPM's on Facebook

    They have problem on their In-App Browser. When people click on ads, they only see a blank page and not redirected to landing page. It may not happens to all devices but majority of android devices face this.
  16. jacquez

    What should I know before buying A Verified Business manager?

    Make sure your facebook account has old enough and I prefer the account that was successfully verified with Personal ID.
  17. jacquez

    Facebook ads disapproved - bad business practice

    You can go to Account Quality menu to appeal your disapproved ads, but one thing you should remember is make sure your ads, pages and landing page are 100% comply with their policy. If after you go to Account Quality but there is no ads to appeal, it means your pages has been restricted and you...
  18. jacquez

    FB - BM added per day spending limit ?

    Everytime you change/replace your card, you will get decreased limit.
  19. jacquez

    Facebook Business Manager / Ad Account Banned - Need Suggestions/Help

    They are telling you to Delete Your Profile completely. Not your BM or Ad Account.
  20. jacquez

    ✅Facebook accounts/ ID verified profile / Business Manager accounts✅

    Is it email verified BM or Business Document verified BM?