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    Merch Informer - Make Money By Selling On Amazon With Zero Inventory

    I would like a coupon as well.. I heard somewhere there is a lifetime license offer? :)
  2. elitesystem

    How do i implant keywords?

    It depends on what you are trying to rank for. Do some keyword research. People can find you through your brand name OR if you rank for certain keywords, :)
  3. elitesystem

    Need Help to 301 redirect

    301 redirect works good
  4. elitesystem - Journey to $250 daily

    You need to thank him first :)
  5. elitesystem

    Fill your Adsense Coffer in 2017 with Micro Niche Websites - Updated SEO Guide!

    ordered one. Will Review after result (if any)
  6. elitesystem

    Fill your Adsense Coffer in 2017 with Micro Niche Websites - Updated SEO Guide!

    A sample site would be awesome :) Please let me know through PM and I will order 1 right away. Will need several more but I want to see what I am getting :) Cheers
  7. elitesystem

    Free subscriptions to our Kindle Niche Analysis software

    count me in brother. This looks legit :) good luck
  8. elitesystem

    *Botstagram From 0 to 10k Followers and over $100/Day All On Autopilot All On Instagram*

    its been several days and weeks and no response from the support.. this is so uncool OP :(
  9. elitesystem

    Get One Micro Niche Keyword Free

    could I please get one for "gaming" niche or "travel" niche :) thanks in advance
  10. elitesystem

    [GIVEAWAY] 1000 FREE ReTweets For Everyone

    count me in homie :)
  11. elitesystem

    Google Class Action Lawsuit Sent Me a Check!

    Its beer time for you :) some good beer!
  12. elitesystem

    Am I a failure?

    bhw is one of the best places for motivation.. who says they are bad ;) keep hustling homie
  13. elitesystem

    Need Advice on Fiding Blogs That Allow/Accept Guest Post

    you can either use scrapebox or simply google keywords such as "guest post by" +niche keyword :) Remember, Google is your friend.
  14. elitesystem

    Can I login into 2 paypal accounts under the same IP?

    it all depends on your intention for usage. I have 3 accounts since 3 years and never had any issues so far. One good reason, they are all verified and legit. Its pretty much the same for facebook :) you might have 3 members in your house with 3 different accounts logging in from 1 pc with 1 IP...
  15. elitesystem

    Ugh site hacked, need help.

    Google "prevent wordpress hacking" .. check out the very 1st website :) Follow the 14 tips, implement and you should be good.
  16. elitesystem

    Selling fully anonymous private proxies - very fast activation - 24/7 support

    I have used this service for a couple of months without any problem so far. Unreal is real when it comes to service :); for the price, bonus and discount, he is my proxy guy :) and I will definitely use em for long term, no doubt! Cheers