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  1. JackSparrowz

    Creating my AutoChanel, Not sure what's gonna happened tbh.

    I haven't updated for a long time, I think it is a good time to do so. What I have so far: TikTok scrapper - gets user profile link, and downloads all his videos without a watermark Video converter - Has three options shorts/video compilation / audio compilation Video publisher - receives a...
  2. JackSparrowz

    Creating my AutoChanel, Not sure what's gonna happened tbh.

    Still no replies huh? Well, that's not gonna make me quit. - GUI created using flutter - Learning two hours a day flutter since it is new to me - Convertor and publisher works smoothly, working on downloader - Thinking about adding "optimizer" section
  3. JackSparrowz

    Looking for someone who want to market my sales for big cut ($$$$)

    still available, Looking for hungry advertisers that wanna co operate for good money grab ~
  4. JackSparrowz

    You want to automate your idea and scale it up to the moon ? Im Here to collab ! ( Pro Automation developer )

    Yo, I am also Automator, but I have a lot of Ideas that I can not do all by myself, if you want we can work together to build some great stuff
  5. JackSparrowz

    [JV] My coding skills + your ideeas

    Came here for the same purpose, Me and a friend doing Automating projects, if you're trustable, looking for the profts, and has brilliant ideas, you're welcome to PM me and we'll move forward ;)
  6. JackSparrowz

    Looking for someone who want to market my sales for big cut ($$$$)

    I have created with a friend a simple site to sell memberships to 3rd party websites (can not say the name until we see that it's working) The memberships has two types - 5.49GBP/Month and 44.99GBP per year, I am willing to give a marketer 25% of each year he sales and the first month of each...
  7. JackSparrowz

    [Journey] Getting to 30$ a day using automated youtube comments

    Shit man, look at my journey I think we can make each other grow faster and stronger by combining powers, PM me if you're interested.
  8. JackSparrowz

    Creating my AutoChanel, Not sure what's gonna happened tbh.

    Received zero attention, but I don't care, I keep rollin' Few days later: Created auto publisher for YouTube which does: - Set titles - Tags - Schedule date - Thumbnail - Recorded date - Location - Playlist Stats aren't much higher yet, not long past, so I won't update them yet.
  9. JackSparrowz

    Creating my AutoChanel, Not sure what's gonna happened tbh.

    Hello guys, I haven't posted here for like 2 years, I went to Uni, and learned Software engineering after I didn't think I'd go to that area 4-5 years ago, Finished it, with actually great scores, And now while I'm looking for work, I thought to come back and share my Idea, maybe get tips, and...
  10. JackSparrowz

    [Journey] TikTok to Youtube automation

    It's more than fair that you don't want to share your code, man's code is his baby. but would you mind telling us what language are you coding with? And if there are any libraries that helps you with the process
  11. JackSparrowz

    Road to 1900$ per month with KDP

    2080 live books and no sales? sir you're doing something wrong, few months ago I published 50 books and had no time to continue, I got around 30~40 total sales by now, 2080 books is A LOT, and I think you should do something different, By the way, are you uploading it manually? because the most...
  12. JackSparrowz

    ⭐️⭐️ EXCLUSIVE 50% Discount ** | Website & Dedicated Hosting

    Their support is usually good, I've gotten an answer many times, lately something happened, maybe some crisis at their place
  13. JackSparrowz

    Am I allowed to share my guide in here?

    I've recently made a guide for the newbies on crypto journey, explains how to start & how to improve, I update it almost weekly with new topics people asks for, Can I post it in this forum, it contains affiliated links? Allways ask before post to avoid troubles ~
  14. JackSparrowz

    Dell XPS or Asus Zenbook

    XPS is the perfect laptop for non-gamers. It is a premium model, made with the finest materials, but the good models are kinda expensive
  15. JackSparrowz

    is it possible to make money creating Gmail PVA

    You can use proxies scrapper to save a bit at the start until you learn the process well Share with us your journey!
  16. JackSparrowz

    How I pissed away $80,000 (in LESS than 6 months)

    If I had 80k right now (about the age you talked about, 21 YO soon) I'd finish learning something for 3 years and move from my crappy country.. This could save my life... but god gives nuts to people with teeth
  17. JackSparrowz

    Best way to monetize 50k insta japan travel theme page ?

    Japanese-related products on amazon/any affiliate program? Picture/Stuff on Etsy that has common stuff of Japan. Basically, anything that related to Japan, since when someone is on Instagram he follows you because he likes the country, and each cool stuff from there will interest a few people...
  18. JackSparrowz

    Is There Any Less Harmless Way To Smoke?

    tabacco is the stupidest thing came to this world, I mean, weed I get it, it makes you feel better, but tobacco is a full bullshit, just addictive and give nothing in return