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  1. bailus

    Do you remember you first fight?

    In eastern europe fighting is like drinking water so yeah
  2. bailus

    Uploading Weekly for 1 whole year!!! This is the results

    I highly suggest utilizing tiktok, once one of your songs goes viral it only goes up from there
  3. bailus

    Zippyshare Shutting Down ||| Another ded project

    Damn, Zippyshare really is nostalgia lol RIP
  4. bailus

    Has anyone been doing Astral Projection, is it real?

    the best SEO strategy is taking DMT
  5. bailus

    Why do some people hate being wrong?

    In such a competitive world being wrong does mean losing, and many aren't good at that due to low self esteem
  6. bailus

    Will Google penalize AI content?

    If you can believe google (lol) they officially stated that Ai content is treated the same as human content, if of high quality
  7. bailus

    A guide on how to grow on TikTok

    How to stay hydrated? Drink type of method
  8. bailus

    Using chatgpt for youtube

    No, but it will describe you what the "best" thumbnail could look like according to the topic
  9. bailus

    BHW App version is required.

    Honestly speaking navigating the website via the mobile browser is pretty decent
  10. bailus

    After today, I hate ChatGPT with a passion

    I swear to god whoever made this bot speak in hentai writing style is beyond lost
  11. bailus

    Using chatgpt for youtube

    Theres endless ways, from script writing, to thumbnail ideas, content ideas, whatever. Just try it out, talk to it as if you are talking to someone on fiverr telling them what you want lol
  12. bailus

    ChatGPT Prompts for writing reviews

    What helped me was scraping existing reviews, turn them into keywords, telling ChatGPT "imagine you are a customer writing a review"
  13. bailus

    Do You Use a Laptop or a Desktop for Work?

    Both, but desktop is superior to me due to multiple monitors
  14. bailus

    Massive Reddit outage

    Poor reddit mods have to go outside now
  15. bailus

    AI Art and Etsy.. :(

    try Instagram, all these Ai art pages selling their shit and the comments are full of admiration lol